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Adventist church frowns at El-Rufai’s preaching bill


Nasir El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai

The Northern Nigeria Union of Seventh Day Adventist Church has frowned at the proposed plan by the Kaduna State government to amend an existing law aimed at regulating religious preaching activities in the state.

The body stated that it shares the government’s concerns on the devastating consequences of violent religious crisis, which has led to huge loss of lives and properties, while insisting that Christianity preaches peace.

The church, in a statement signed by the President, Northern Nigeria Union of SDA church, Pastor Francis Daria, said there will be negative implications on its membership and role as a worldwide church should the bill come into operation.

“But having studied the provisions of the Executive Bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law 1984, as transmitted to Kaduna State House of Assembly by Governor Nasir el-Rufai, we believe there will be negative implications, which will affect our membership and role as a worldwide church with membership in over 200 countries and territories recognised by the United Nations,” the church said.

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  • AZZO

    I beg to ask, what negative implications? You have to remember that the government is taking this measure to further improve the security of lives and property in the state. It is not in any way an attempt to persecute a particular religion or deny them their rights to freedom of worship. I am a Christian but I am concerned that since the governor muted this plan of passing the bill only the Christian community have shouted and are still shouting the loudest to the extent pouring invectives on the person of the governor. We all can point out to that faith that preaches and promotes violence in the state and country but surprisingly these have kept quiet with some even supporting the proposed bill. I will please like to know in details the concerns which my Christian brothers have over the passing of this bill. Christianity too I know preaches that you obey your government. I would think that if any of these concerns a genuine, the best a Christian or Christians can (and should do) is to pray and even pray for the governor and his administration and not make inciting and provocative comments on the pages of newspaper publications.

    • Gbenle