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Afraid of old age?


Charles Ighele

My biological children and one of my non-biological children know how much I look forward to enjoying old age when it comes. But two of my non-biological children, who became part of my family a few years ago, did not seem to know my attitude towards old age.

During one of our last family altars before they went to their different university campuses, these two were surprised to discover that I’m looking forward to enjoying real old age. One of them said she is scared of old age. Since then, we have come to realise that one of the things some young people are afraid of is old age.

Can you imagine a teenager getting worried about how he or she will be like or look like in old age? The irony of it is that when a preacher or any other person prays, “You will not die young. You will live very long on earth,” there will be a thunderous ‘amen’.


A lady told me sometime ago how much she dreaded old age. To her, old age seemed to be an unavoidable monster, an inevitable evil. Over 2,000 years ago, a Greek thinker said, “Old age is not a disease since it is not contrary to nature.” I agree.

Doctors and health experts have recommended healthy diet plan for young people in order to totally minimise or eliminate sickness associated with old age. According to health experts, healthy nutrition can make old age pleasurable and pain free.

Eating junk food while young can make one have a junk and unhealthy body at old age. To avoid this, I do not take what people call ‘soft drinks’ at all. And I try to ensure that over 90 per cent of what I eat is natural. For example, I’d rather eat rice than noodles or Macaroni or spaghetti. I also prefer to eat starch, Eba, Amala, pounded yam and Tuo Shinkafa (pounded rice) rather than artificial ‘swallows.’

With this, I am not expecting what some people refer to as old age diseases.

Some people are, however, concerned with loneliness associated with old age. Some feel old age brings about depression and lonely feelings, especially when the old person is not surrounded by a lot of friends and relatives.

Some people who have no properties are afraid of death, while those with a lot of wealth are afraid of leaving them. Fear not.

As you approach middle age years, you ought to start preparing for old age. Build more human relationships. Seek friends and re-establish existing relationships. Be active in your church groups now. It is also advisable you develop a hobby or sport to keep you active as you age.

However, life becomes meaningful when you render services. Rendering services to people is not restricted to age, as you will discover that there are tasks that need to be accomplished that can bring the ‘greatest number of good to the greatest number of people.’

The two times the sky is most beautiful is at sunrise and sunset. Realise that old age is another beautiful phase of life, not a necessary evil. Sunset years should be years we look forward to enjoy, but it is only Jesus that can add glory to a man’s sunset years. Embrace Jesus, so that when you eventually die, He will take you to heaven.

Many people are afraid of old age because of the fear of death. But when you tell the Spirit of Jesus to come into your human Spirit, the fear of death will vanish because you know that when the time comes, you will go to enjoy life in heaven. Enjoy old age when it comes. It is natural. Love you.


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