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An expensive decision – Part 3



In the book of Genesis, we come across a child of God by the name of Judah. Yet he had a problem. In spite of having a wife of many years who bore children for him, we see him going into his own daughter-in-law Tamar, whom he mistook for a harlot as she was sitting by the wayside wearing the veil of a harlot. After intercourse with her, having promised future payment of a kid to settle the prostitutes’ payment, he offered her three things as a pledge against the settlement.

His signet ring, bracelet and staff. Each of these three things signifies something: First, the signet ring represents our status. In those days, important figures did not use their signature to sign documents. Rather, such people used a signet ring with its own unique mark of identification. For anyone to give out his signet ring is to sell out your position and your identity. The sin of immorality can cause a man to lose his position, his status, his privileges, his rightful entitlements, his birthright and his honour. Indeed, there is no end to the list of what can be taken from a man through immorality.


Secondly, he gave her his bracelet. This represents his glory. This also is the second thing that immorality takes away from us. Bracelets serve no other purpose than to display and to exhibit the high status of a person. The sin of immorality causes the glory of God to grow wings and fly away from us so that we remain as Ichabods before the Lord. We may still sing in the choir, or teach in the Sunday school or even preach on the pulpit, but it is just not the same, the glory has departed.

Thirdly, he gave her his staff. This represents the backing and the support of God. Immorality makes us vulnerable to the enemy. God no longer goes out with us. When we face battles and challenges, the Lord abandons us to our own plight.

It is said, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” God has also painstakingly taken much time to warn us in His Word against the sin of immorality for the same reasons. Today, many genuine Christians have died inside the trap of sexual immorality never to rise again.

Beware of Strange Men and Strange Women
Solomon refused to heed to this counsel, and thus, his great wisdom was turned to foolishness. His great honour and respect were also turned to reproach. “But King Solomon loved many STRANGE WOMEN.” 1 Kings 11:1. Every relationship outside of your God-given partner is tantamount to a strange relationship.

When God saw Adam’s loneliness, he gave Adam one wife, not two or three, neither did he give him girlfriends. Unto Eve, the same as applicable. “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife (singular) and let every woman have her own husband (singular).” 1 Corinthians 7:2.

Any woman you are keeping in your house that you have not lawfully married is not your wife. She is a concubine or a strange woman. Even if you’ve got fifteen children from her, she is not your wife until you have married her. Till then, all your children are strange children.

Again, any woman you have legally, lawfully and properly married, but you later put away for whatever reason to pick up a second, third or fourth wife; beware, you have left the original to engage the counterfeit. All those second, third, or fourth wives and husbands with their children, are all strange women, strange men, and strange children unto you.

Be warned, behind every strange man or woman there is a strange god. Solomon soon discovered this. 1 Kings 11:4-8. These strange gods are nothing but devils, each with their own strange and peculiar characteristics and manifestations. It is not difficult to identify a strange woman or man, as they must put up strange unbecoming mannerisms. They are full of strange destructive counsel and advice. These strange men and women have a strange grip. Once they step into your life, you can hardly ever shake them off.

Behind every strange woman or man are a strange downfall, a strange collapse and a strange deterioration. Solomon experienced it when ten out of the twelve tribes were taken away from him, reducing him to one-sixth of the kingdom.

Any man who embraces a strange woman or vice versa will automatically take in strange behaviour. A strange attitude and character will begin to manifest in them. Before their true spouse, they will begin to act and behave very strangely. Even before his pastor and the brethren, they will start to behave very strangely, quite unlike before. They will be playing hide and seek and hard to get, pretending that they are busily engaged.

This behaviour left Solomon estranged from his God. His strange wives had turned away his heart from God. He had no more power or desire to worship the Lord again. Every available space in his heart had been taken over by these strange women. No place was left for God. Finally, he was dragged off to a strange land. The land of regret, the land of sorrow, the land of remorse, the land of backsliding, were worshipping the Lord becomes a nightmare “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land. “Psalm 137:4.

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