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Battle against Babylon – Part 3


Text: Rev. 17:1-5, 15, Rev. 18:3-24
From our text, we see that the prostitute makes men to live in immorality and enter into soul ties. The Babylonian system controls what happens in churches through the leaders and church council. They dictate what the pastor should preach, so that their can of worms will not be uncovered. Such practices in turn eats into the congregation, the economy and politics. That is why you see them try to fix their people in places of leadership for a continuous flow of the system. In Lk. 4:6, the devil boastfully said all this power he will give to those who do according to his bidding. You can begin to understand why the right people who can effect positive change are not in position of leadership, while the few who get there are influenced and their hands are tied.


Everything that is done here is in exchange for their souls. Rev. 18 tells us that her merchandise are many and businessmen were making it because they danced to her desires. This is the transaction going on today and many are falling victim. They receive money and pleasure in exchange for their soul. It is a primitive trade by barter. Ezk. 13:18-20 says that by reason of her bangles and charms, men are lured. She wears long veils that make people not to know her true identity. They are soul hunters and witches who use sorcery on men. I pray for you, may God unmasked any system coming in disguise for your soul.

What can match the value of your soul? It is far above rubies. The Bible says you must guide your heart with all diligence. Whatever you want to become in life comes from your heart. Whoever gets hold of your heart gets hold of your life. May the Lord contend with whoever is after your soul.


Babylon influences lots of people, but we need to take charge because we have been ordained to do so. Babylon puts structures in place and has hierarchies as in the Babylon of old. In this system, we have the Chaldeans who are known to be sorcerers and witch doctors. They consult with people that specialise in using the picture and other items of men to get them down. Again, you can see in the system unfriendly friends. They pretend to love you and want to help and so, lure you to a place in the guise of getting solution only to complicate your situation. A young man in search of wealth was lured by a friend to a place where he was kept inside a pit and did all kinds of rituals for him there. Really, he became very rich, but a few years later, he had cancer and lost his life. His wealth and property was squandered. The devil has nothing good to offer you, but whatever God gives is forever.


Beware of unfriendly friends, they are wolves in sheep clothing. Another thing we see here are the local ancestral powers. They could allow the victim to go to church, but never get serious with spiritual issues, you must deal with them. There are also territorial powers to hinder your prayers. You must keep praying until something happens. I decree that whatever Babylon has taken from you, you shall take it back. You have been ordained to possess the gates of your enemies. Every of your blessings that has been delayed by territorial powers, I call for a re-enforcement and release in Jesus name. May this system never prosper in our lives and nation in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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