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Battle against Babylon – Part I

By John Okene
30 August 2020   |   4:05 am
A look at the origin of Babylon tells that it is a Greek word. Bible scholars say it is the same thing as Babel, which means “confusion” in Hebrew.

Text: Rev. 17:1-5.
A look at the origin of Babylon tells that it is a Greek word. Bible scholars say it is the same thing as Babel, which means “confusion” in Hebrew. In Gen. 10:8-10, a great hunter named Nimrod, who was Noah’s great grandson, established a kingdom. It was the first world empire established by a man at Babel, which is today known as Babylon. He went about fighting and killing to establish a kingdom for himself and came up with the idea of the tower of Babel. History has it that he married his mother, Seramis. After his death, she said she saw a flower growing out of an old stump, which signifies that Nimrod reincarnated and should be worshipped. This promoted the belief that Nimrod was a god. She also claimed that she was visited by the spirit of Nimrod and was impregnated, giving birth to “Horus”.

This was the origin of the mother and son religion. About 1,500 years after, a man called Amorebi established the city of Babylon and it was made real great by Nebuchadnezzar. At this time, they went after the practice of a different religion. Nebuchadnezzar had to get a statue and two principal gods were used then: Nebo and Baal. These were established as a cult and Babylon transcended from just a physical structure to a system, as we see in our Bible text in Rev. 17:1-5, 15. There was a spiritual operation in place, as we see till date.

Babylon is not just a physical location today. From our Bible text, we can picture traces of this system in operation today. Some of these people in the past have transcended from being humans to a system. Elijah, for instance, was a forerunner to revival and whenever he came in, there would be a Jezebel. In the book of Malachi, God said he would bring Elijah to restore fathers to children, implying that Elijah’s spirit in John the Baptist brought about a great awakening and of course, the spirit of Jezebel in operation in the life of Herodias manifested. This, by implication says if she didn’t get Elijah’s life, then she now wanted it on a platter. This has become a system and we see God passed a Judgment against Jezebel, who is no longer a physical woman but a spirit in operation. This system today operates in the church and the world at large, as we see from the text. She is a prostitute who sits upon waters. This represents people, languages and nations. There are certain characteristics to note when this system is in operation.

The seven heads symbolise seven powerful leaders, while the 10 horns represent kings and nations controlled by the power. Her target is the leadership of nations, churches and organisations, knowing that the people cannot be bigger than their leaders. Babylonian system thrives best, where there is kakistocracy and so, the target is not on the masses, but on the weak leadership. She uses witchcraft and sorcery to charm and control the people. This system controls the cosmos, taking over political and economic power of a nation, organisations and individuals. It also takes charge of commerce and media, hence you see about 90 percent of adverts come with nudity on Internet.

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