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Behold, my saviour is alive!

By Prophet O. Azuka
11 April 2021   |   4:03 am
World over, Easter is celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, even by those who do not know its significance. Easter is not supposed to be a festive period.


Text: Romans 6:9-10
World over, Easter is celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, even by those who do not know its significance. Easter is not supposed to be a festive period. Rather, it is a sacred season of remembrance of what Christ did on the Cross to save the world from sin. It is a season of sober reflection of the highest price paid for mankind’s redemption. It is a misplacement of priority and a mockery to sinners by the devil, when they display their ignorance in an elaborate and extravagant worldly celebration in the name of ‘Easter’. The purpose of the season runs contrary to worldly notion of what it is.

Easter represents a season the whole world’s sins were purged on the Cross and salvation brought to mankind. Therefore, it is a misnomer and sheer ignorance for a person who has not repented and accepted Jesus Christ to celebrate Easter. What sinners are expected to do at a period like this, is to seek Jesus and forgiveness of sin. Celebrating “The Cross” as it were, is a joke taken too far: Cross portrays suffering and emblem of shame, and Christ is no longer on the Cross suffering for the sins of the world. He suffered and paid the price of sin for the world once.

But today, churches carry cross to represent Christ and suffering associated with it. Christ died only once and for all. The saints celebrate His victory over sin and not Cross, which is a symbol of suffering.

There is no place where the early disciples celebrated Easter as it is done today. They never turned it into a festive period, where atrocities are committed. Their lives showed the world that they were redeemed. Believers should rather remember Easter by the life they live because the period represents a season of righteousness and not a time of funfair and celebration of worldliness.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ calls for sober reflection. It puts believers in consciousness of the fact that Jesus Christ will come back again. Readiness for His coming should be the preoccupation of every believer now.

Jesus Christ paid the supreme price for all. He endured the pains to give the world His righteousness. In the light of Christ’s death and resurrection, living a life of sin is a disservice to the blood of Christ. Those who commit sin and live in immorality after they are saved, and excuse themselves at the altar of mistakes, are foolish and never value the price of redemption.

A Christian must never think of going back to the world or living a worldly life in view of the worth of redemption.

The price of redemption is too costly, and a believer cannot afford to trade such with any earthly offer. The price of redemption makes every believer expensive, so that he does not think of backsliding or compromising his faith. With the knowledge of this fact, a Christian should never commit sin. The dark world trembles before a believer, who understands the price paid on his behalf for his redemption by Jesus Christ.

The devil dazzles the world and its grandeur before a believer in order to take away the precious salvation secured at Calvary. The season of Easter, therefore, should ordinarily put a believer on his toes to resist the devil’s invitation to yield to sin, while focusing on the imminent coming of Jesus Christ. The sacrifice of Jesus brought with it grace to overcome sin and live righteously.

The grave is empty! There is no more fear and intimidation of believers any more.

For further reading: Acts 12: 4; 1 Pt. 2:24; John 20:1-10; James 5:8; Romans 3:21-31; Titus 2:11.

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