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Breaking evil patterns



Text: Hebrews 8:5,
1 Timothy 1:16

A pattern is an order or design or prototype. A pattern is also a customary way of operation or behaviour.

It might be defined as something regarded as a normative example or a code of behaviour.


God is a God of patterns, as everything in life is patterned after something. In 1 Timothy 1:16, Jesus is called a pattern for salvation.

It was God that gave the pattern for Noah’s ark. Noah spent about 120 years building the ark after a specific pattern given to him by God. Genesis 6:13-22.

It was part of the pattern that the window should not be by the sides, but at the top, so that whenever it was opened, it will open towards the heavens.

The devil patterns the life of men in an evil way. Whenever people use this adage, “like father like son,” they are making reference to the existence of a pattern.

In 2 Chronicles 11:22-23, we see Rehoboam following the evil pattern of his father Solomon.

Before Solomon died, the Bible says he married 700 wives and 300 concubines, which turned away his heart from God.

1 kings 11:3-4 “and he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines; and his wives turned away his heart.”


Rehoboam followed the pattern of Solomon by marrying many wives and concubines, who turned his heart from God (1 chronicles 11:23).

Evil patterns are negative traits or genes passed from the progenitor to his offspring.

As a father/mother, have you discovered the negative traits in your life repeated in your children?

It could be a pattern of broken marriages in which all the ladies that married from that family always divorce their husbands and return to their father’s house.

It could also be a kind of heredity sickness like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc.

Most evil patterns established in a family, is as a result of error made by the parents or curses in operation or an evil covenant entered into. If nothing is done, it will continue.

Now is the time to break that pattern. I decree every evil pattern in your life today is broken in Jesus name.

According to Psalm 40:7, everything we are supposed to become is written in a book.


We are supposed to follow the design, just like Jesus followed the pattern written concerning Him.

Disaster occurs when a man follows patterns different from the divine one meant for his life.

Like we see in Mathew 22:23-29, the family of seven brothers, all died mysteriously one after the other until the family was exterminated.

They all followed the evil pattern of untimely death. In some families, the children don’t get to 50 years before they die.

Is there untimely death in your family? Do the firstborns rarely live beyond 40 years? I decree today, that pattern is broken in Jesus name.

One of my sons in the Lord, who is also a pastor, cried out to me sometime ago that at age 50, he was the oldest man in his family.

We started praying about it, until one day he attended one of our deliverance services tagged ‘’ O Lord judge them by fire’’ A word of knowledge came forth that ‘’ an elderly woman in a family was responsible for the untimely death they were experiencing, and that God was bringing judgment upon her like He did to Herod, she will be eaten up by worms.

He prayed earnestly, knowing God was set to intervene in his case that day.

The service closed that day at about 2.30pm, and he received a phone call from home at 3pm that his aunty had just died.

It was reported that before she died, she was screaming and calling the name of this brother’s pastor that he was killing her. All this happened at the exact time prayers were going on at the service.

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