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Confession rules your life – Part 3


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

There is a seed of greatness inside of you. Though you were born naked you’re not empty. Your colleague may be seeing hardship, but declare to them that there is something they’re yet to see.

However, it takes the eyes of the spirit to see the unseen. Joseph saw his unseen future through the eyes of the spirit, if not, he would have fallen from its manifestation. Abraham saw his Isaac in the spiritual realm before the physical manifestation. Moses saw the finger of God with the eyes of the spirit delivering the children from Egypt before it was noticeable to carnal men. What you can’t see in the realm of the spirit can’t be seen physically. It is the spiritual that controls the physical.

Let me pause here to ask gently what you’ve seen with your spiritual eyes. Most time, unbelievers find it difficult to comprehend you because you are not in the same realm with them. When prophet Elijah told king Ahab there is a sound of abundance of rain, perhaps one of the men said, this man of God is crazy, how do you tell us things that is not real? I Kings 18:41.

Ananias and Saphira his wife died due to the fact that they were myopic. They couldn’t see God’s plan, hence they lied against the Holy Spirit and consequently terminated their future, Act5: 1-10.A lot of people complain and blame God for their existence, due to the fact that their eyes are closed against the things of the spirit. Through positive confession, you get your possession. What you can’t possess in the spiritual, you can’t possess in the physical. To possess and speak positively to that long awaiting baby, promotion, employment, joy, favour and uncommon miracle, possess them first in the realm of the spirit.

Joshua and Caleb possessed their inheritance in Canaan first in the spirit before it was manifested in the realm of the physical. I want to say this once again, what you see is what you get.Your spiritual house is located with beautiful things and how do you get connected to these things? (1) Maintain a consistent relationship with God, (2) walk in the consciousness of your authority.

Maintain A Consistent Relationship With God
Beloved, no blessing can be released on the platform of iniquity. When you give God your totality, He releases to you the concepts of miracle. In addition, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

“He putteth down one, and setteth up another” Psalm 75:7. The power to promotion and demotion are in the hands of God. To emerge the hero, embrace righteousness, holiness, faithfulness, humility and also ensure that your vertical and horizontal relationship is in conformity with the Bible.

Walk In The Consciousness Of Your Authority
Many are operating on the ground of mediocrity, because of their inability to visualise their authority in Christ Jesus. This has subjected them to demonic intimidation and humiliation from their colleagues.

Authority is given to every born-again, Holy Spirit filled child of God to dominate sin, poverty, sickness and Satan the devil (Matthew 10:1; Mark 16:17-18). Refuse to surrender authority to irresponsible things. You are too big to fail or cry because of a slap from power of darkness.Before we move to the next chapter, I want you to mediate on what I have demystified so far. You can encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in this book. This is a masterpiece.Covenant Prayer Life Assembly, 6, Unity Crescent, off Olatunji Street, Ladipo, Oshodi, Lagos. Contact us on 08034849689, or e-mail:   

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