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Creating spiritual environment of your Eden


Pastor Taiye Olayemi

Acts 16:25-31; GEN.2: 7-8, 15-16

From the beginning of creation, God always creates the environment first.

God created the firmament before the water. He created the sea before the fishes, and He created the garden before creating man, and then brought man into the garden He had already created.


He created the environment first, for none of the creatures could have survived outside the environment.

In John 17:20-22, we saw a conversation between Jesus and His father.

Jesus has given to as many that believe in the Father the glory that the Father gave Him. Glory means the true essence of God and the full potential of a king.

So, any man that believes in God has received the full potential of God. How do you know that you are in the class of God? It is because you can have fellowship with God.

Any man that believes in God now carries the three essences of God, and he does not die but continues in fellowship with God because he is eternally separated.

Jesus is the expression image of the father and any man that believes in him, He gave power and glory (John 1:12).

The glory that you came with into this word is different from the glory that Jesus gives you. Those that are born again carry God’s glory and not their own.


What Is That Eden?
Everything that the Bible revealed has been discovered except the ‘Garden of Eden.’ This is because the Garden of Eden is not a geographical location.

Rather, it is a spiritual entity, and that is why you have to create your own Eden, which is an environment of God’s presence.

In Genesis Chapter 2, God put man in the garden and also visited them. But the day God stopped visiting Eden, a protected place, a choice place, a place that is covered, a secluded place, a preserved place, a prepared place, a delightful spot carefully prepared and designed by God for man to dwell, was the day man lost his spiritual heritage.

Eden is not a geographical location. It is a moment in time in which God manifests His presence. No man can manifest his presence. No man can manifest his glory without God’s presence. The presence of God will reveal His glory.

When Adam was in the garden, God brought animals to him and God was with him. God’s potential in Adam was able to help him name the animals.

Also, God told Adam to cultivate the garden, be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth. Adam was able to accomplish all these because he was in the garden (The presence of God)

So, his glory showed forth in God’s presence, but the moment Adam sinned, he was removed from the garden.

Outside the garden, he faced wars, sickness, hatred, jealousy, death, shame and reproach. This is because outside the garden, there is no life. It is God’s presence that sustains and maintains the garden.


How Can I Create My Garden?
• Your circumstances, challenges of life and what you pass through in life do not produce your garden.

• Through the blood of Jesus Christ and the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit, you can create an environment that will draw God’s presence to create your garden.

From our text – Acts 16:25-31; Paul and Silas were being persecuted because they did good.

The people rose against them and threw them into the prison but Paul and Silas were seeing themselves in the Garden of Eden and not in the prison. They were singing praises and immediately the environment changed and their chains fell off, because of God there is no bondage or slavery.

Instead of complaining and murmuring, they turned the situation to praise and worship.

So, don’t allow your challenges to draw questions like – why me? But let it draw praise and worship.

Paul and Silas created God’s environment. Create God’s environment in your car, shop, office, kitchen and homes, among others, through praise and worship. Create “God’s environment” by creating your own “Garden of Eden.”

How Can I Know That God’s Presence Is In A Place?
God’s presence is everywhere, but it does not manifest everywhere. It takes you to bring down God’s presence.

You can bring God’s presence into manifestation by 1. Praise 2. Worship 3. Unity – (2 Chron. 5:13-14) praise will lead you to worship and being in unity always bring down God’s presence.

Snr. Pastor Taiye E. Olayemi
Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries International, 14/16, Olabisi Olaitan Street, Beside Best Option Filling Station, Igando, Lagos. Phone Numbers: +234 806 258 7293, +234 807 724 5332, +234 803 722 9730 (SMS)

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