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Dealing with evil resisters



Text: 2 TIM. 3:8-9
A resisters is an obstructer, opposer, adversary, and a thwarter, someone that puts an end to something. A resister is also seen as a stonewaller; one who puts up a stone, so that someone will not pass through, as seen in the case of the wall of Jericho. It’s also a withstander, who prevents you from moving forward. In Matt. 28:1-2, there were some resisters that felt they could stop Jesus from rising from the grave, hence they put a stone on His tomb to prevent Him, but Jesus triumphantly rose from the grave.

Our text told us about Jambril and Jannes, the magicians that resisted Moses. When Moses told Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to go, he performed several miracles, including that of turning his rod into a serpent. The magicians (Jambril and Jannes) also turned their rods into serpent, with the aim of making Pharaoh harden his heart towards Moses. They resisted every move Moses made to soften Pharaoh’s heart to release the Israelites. (Exo. 7: 10-15). Joshua the high priest was also being resisted by the devil, until he saw the power of God. (Zach.3: 1-3)

The following are some of the things the enemies can prevent you from having. First and foremost, they prevent you from having your breakthrough. They put a stone/wall around you to prevent you from assessing what belongs to you. They follow you everywhere you go because they are spiritually attached to you. In Joshua’s case in Zach.3: 1-3, he was told that the reason the devil was trailing him was because of the filthy garment he was wearing. When he took off the filthy garment, he got his miracle.

A daughter of mine was locked in a bottle and the witches vowed she would never get married. Her aunt took the first water that was used in bathing her, poured it in a bottle, locked and kept it in the coven. In the course of her deliverance, God visited her by sending an angel to the coven where the bottle was hung. He destroyed the bottle alongside other bottles that were hung in the coven. Two weeks later, a man came from Europe to marry her. Secondly, they prevent you from getting your deliverance. This can be seen in the case of the Israelites, who were prevented from coming out of captivity (Jer. 50:33)

There was a sister that the powers of darkness held her marriage captive for 10 years. She had prayed all manner of prayers and gone to several places for solutions, all to no avail. When she came to me for prayers, I gave her prayer points to pray with and she went through the deliverance sessions. After the first day of deliverance, her husband that left for over 10 years called and begged to see her, so they could reconcile. Unknown to her, the husband was set to wed another lady in two weeks time. They had already printed the wedding cards. While we were praying, God arrested him, his eyes were opened, and he called the wife for reconciliation. After reconciling with his wife, he called off the supposed wedding with the other lady. That was how the legal wife got her deliverance. Thirdly, they prevent the flow of God’s power in your life. Have you ever wondered why others receive their healings/miracles when hands are laid on them, but in your case, nothing happens when the same pastor pray for you?

Below are some of the ways these resisters operate. Firstly, they operate through enchantment. Enchantment means to make a spell, it is like placing a curse on someone using a higher authority. Resisters can enchant and programme satanic animals or birds to follow you anywhere you go. They monitor every move you make, so as to hinder you. Secondly, they deny you the truth and make you not to exercise your faith to receive your miracle. There is difference between fact and the truth. The fact may show that the sickness is there but the truth is “you were already made whole two thousand years ago when Jesus defeated Satan on the cross of Calvary”. You can use the truth against the fact. Thirdly, they wage war against you. Fourthly, they are pretenders. They pretend to like you or be happy that you are making progress, while in the real sense; they are after your downfall.
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