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Dealing with strange battles – Part 5

By John Okene
29 August 2021   |   2:25 am
One common indication that you will fight strange battles is when you are dealing with domestic witchcraft. In other words, the person attacking you is close to you.

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One common indication that you will fight strange battles is when you are dealing with domestic witchcraft. In other words, the person attacking you is close to you. Sometime ago, we were conducting deliverance prayers for a lady, when the voice of her father started speaking through her.

He said he is not a wicked man and can’t kill his own family, but he only takes their star and destiny to shine. Really, this lady confirmed all the misfortune and wickedness her family had been experiencing. She said her mother was suffering from insanity in the village, while the second son was returned impotent from overseas and the third son is an imbecile. The rest of the children were struggling in futility. He put the lives of his children on a shelf and this lady in question, who is a grandchild of the man, was afflicted with a black worm, which she sees in the dream moving all over her head.

I pray for you that every ministry of domestic witchcraft fighting against you is terminated today in Jesus name. Sometimes, the person who is taking you from one prayer house to another in search of solution could be the one responsible for your problem. Another indication that you will fight strange battles is if you have undergone evil dedication. This is even worse, if your parents happen to be priest or priestess in a shrine or idol worshippers. Whatever you have been dedicated to never wants to leave you alone. So, even after being born again, you find yourself still struggling with these powers. Until you undergo a proper deliverance, you cannot get your freedom. Don’t just assume that being born again exempts you from the bondage of such dedication. You have to settle it in the place of deliverance. If your parents or grandparents were born again, that makes the case easier for you. This is why God gave room for deliverance and there is deliverance by fire and by transformation.

Deliverance by fire is when God brings you out of the cage through series of prayers and spiritual warfare. Deliverance by transformation, on the other hand, is when the cage is brought out of you. It is not enough for your light to break forth, yet you are behaving like one still in darkness because you have lived in darkness for too long. Such persons get their deliverance, but their mind has not been set free. Spiritually, they are free but mentally bound. God desires that we be delivered all round— spiritually and by transformation. Consider the case of the Israelites, when they arrived at Goshen, they were 70 people and grew in population to about two million in that same land as at their exodus. God was taking them to a better place, their promised land, but their mindset never changed. Though they were out of Egypt (cage), Egypt never came out of them. May God set you free totally in Jesus name!

I decree to you, if you have been dedicated to a particular shrine, altar or deity, may that dedication be broken today by the blood of Jesus. Again, we have battles attached to your age. Some battles are attached to a particular age, either from the womb, at birth, on the day of naming ceremony or at age 1,2,3 years and so on. If you pray, God can open your eyes to see what happened at any of these stages. A young man cried to me sometime ago, saying he had been fighting strange battles over the years. I prayed with him, using different ages of his life and at a particular age, he manifested violently. We then focused the prayer on that age and he was delivered. He said he remembered that at that age, while watching pornography one day, something entered into him and that was the genesis of his problem. I pray for you, every battle you are fighting that is attached or programmed to a particular age in your life, I undo it in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State
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