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Dealing with the ruler spirit – Part 6



You are not the one doing some of the things you do. They are pushing and manipulating you to do things you wouldn’t do ordinarily.

They push you to do the wrong things and you just go ahead and do it. They are behind the scene manipulating you and controlling your movement, so that you can maintain the status quo and they can put you in perpetual bondage.

I pray for you today that every power of manipulation over your life and family expires now in Jesus name.


• They are also behind the scene manipulating and controlling people’s destinies.

Abraham was manipulated to go to Egypt, where Haggai had already been prepared ahead for him. If papa Abraham had obeyed the voice of the Lord, he wouldn’t have gone to Egypt nor would he have gotten Haggai pregnant.

Subsequently, Arab won’t have been born and there wouldn’t have been any global terrorism. When Abraham got to Egypt, he started by telling his wife, Sarah to lie that she was his sister.

• Also, it was witchcraft powers that manipulated Sarah to force Abraham to sleep with Haggai, that when Haggai gives birth, the child will be hers. (Gen. 16:1-5) Sarah, who told Abraham to sleep with Haggai, eventually told him to drive Haggai away from the house.

The manipulation has been prepared in the kingdom of darkness to stop Abraham. The devil was planning everything to corrupt the seed of the woman (Jesus Christ) that was to come.

The devil didn’t know which of the women the seed would pass through, hence he was bent on making the woman/man imperfect, in order to corrupt the seed. He didn’t know that God is a Master planner.

• David, a man after God’s own heart was manipulated; he looked for temporary solution to satisfy his zeal. When you sin and have time to repent, God will forgive you but you will live with the consequences of what you have done. (The scar will be there).

A man was involved in adultery and contacted HIV/AIDS. He infected his wife with the virus, and due to the fact that he was sharing clipper with his two sons, they also got infected with the virus.

He repented and asked God for forgiveness, God forgave him but he had to live with the scar (consequences) of his actions. Anytime you want to do something, think, because you might end up doing something that will lead to generational bondage.

After David slept with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife, he sent for Uriah, gave him strong wine to drink and ordered him to go and sleep with his wife, and when Uriah refused to go and sleep with his wife, David ordered him to be killed, and he was killed in the battle field.

Prophet Nathan went to King David and spoke to him in parable, that there was a rich man who had plenty sheep and oxen, then there was another man (a poor man) who had only one sheep.

He nourished and took very good care of the one sheep he had. One day, a guest came to visit the rich man and the rich man took and slaughtered that one sheep that was very precious to the poor man to entertain his guest.

David said that man should be killed, and the prophet told him, “You are the man.” David repented and asked God for mercy.

God told David that he had forgiven him, but the sword would not depart from his house. He lived with the consequences of his actions.

The consequences (sword) of David’s action were numerous:

Abnor raped his own sister Tamar. Some months later, Absalom planned and killed Abnor in cold blood.

Absalom came again and pushed his father outside, and then he openly slept with the father’s concubines as advised by Ahithophel. (2 Sam. 16:21-22). He raped his father’s wives and they gave birth to children for him.

After a while, Absalom was killed and the kingdom was stabilised for some time.

Adonija (David’s second son) planned a coup and made himself king, while David was still alive. David had to rush and crowned Solomon king. After the demise of David, when Solomon had become king, Adonija made a mistake and Solomon ordered him to be killed and his neck was cut off.

Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.

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