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Deliverance from dream attacks – Part 2

By John Okene
21 November 2021   |   3:11 am
There are three types of dreams: the first is GODLY DREAMS. In Gen. 20:3, God appeared to Abimelech to warn him of the consequences of taking Abraham’s wife.

John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

There are three types of dreams: the first is GODLY DREAMS. In Gen. 20:3, God appeared to Abimelech to warn him of the consequences of taking Abraham’s wife. God appears to men for certain reasons such as: to give instructions, a warning or information of what is about to happen. Job 33:15 tells us that God appears in your dream to prevent you from trouble and untimely death. Again, we see in Matt. 2:13-14, God told Joseph to flee with the young child Jesus to avoid the wicked intentions of Herod. Understand that there are times in life when you stand to fight battles and at other times, God wants you to move away. This is wisdom. Here is a case concerning the Messiah. God could have set up a battle to defend Him, but chose to take him anyway. Many have died foolishly before their time. The second type of dream is BUSINESS DREAM.

This comes from the multitude of activities of each day (Eccl. 5:3). It is usually of no significance. The third type is SATANIC DREAMS, as we see in Mtt. 13:25. There are also three types of persons in terms of dreams. There are those who don’t dream at all, and so, their destiny has been truncated. How can God speak to them? There are also those who dream but can’t remember anything. The enemies have wiped it up with demonic eraser. Such persons can suffer what is called blind possession, such that you can be a witch without knowing it.

I ministered somewhere sometime ago on Vandalised Destiny and a lady cried to me after service that she never remembered her dreams. I gave her some prayer points to pray. That night, someone brought meat dripping with blood for her to eat. She refused and they tried to force her, claiming it is kingdom meat and that she had been eating it with them before. They even told her that she had killed and donated someone for them before. She ran to me the next day for deliverance and God set her free from that witchcraft spirit. You could be tongue speaking, Holy Ghost filled believer and yet experiencing this, “May God open your eyes today in Jesus’ name.” The third type of people is those who dream and remember it.

Our main focus for this topic is on satanic dreams and there are signs to tell if your dream is under attack. Some may experience night defilers. These are spiritual deities or powers from the water, who are connected to you and come to mess you up by sexual intercourse in the dream. They can use faces of different people, including your spouse, making you think it’s just a business dream. You could sometimes see yourself getting married. You need to unmask them through prayer.

A lady cried to me that they use the face of her father and brothers but when we prayed, her eyes were opened to see that it was a demon. Another lady said hers was a dwarflike creature. There are lots of repercussions to the attack of night defilers. Such experiences often come when you are close to a breakthrough and then you lose it, making you struggle and stagnated in life. Some female victims experience series of miscarriages; while most male victims wake up to see themselves wet all over with semen. “I pray for you that every evil marriage covenant connecting you to a spirit spouse is broken today in Jesus’ name.”
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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