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Demonic human agents (witches) – Part 1


Segun Adewumi

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2nd Cor 2:11)

The demonic agents are witches. Witches are in different categories, according to their levels of authority and power. Witches are human beings that possess demons, which provide them with extra human sensibilities and abilities for wicked acts. Perhaps the first witch was Eve, among two other reasons she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree was because “it is a tree desired to make one wise.” Genesis 3:6

Those referred to, as wise men in the Bible are the witches and wizards. The wisdom that Eve desired for which she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree was that of witchcraft. Later on, the fallen angels (demons) came as sons of God and mated with the descendants of Eve to produce special men (The Giants). These men combined extra physical and mental abilities that were used in disobedience to God. Their wicked acts led to the destruction of the first set of human race by flood, leaving only Noah and his household as survivors. Gen. 6:1-6.

As soon as the earth recovered in human population, there arose a man called Nimrod. Gen. 10:8, Gen. 11:1-9.


Nimrod re-introduced the act of associating with the demons. He led in the building of the house of Babel, for which the Lord confounded their languages that they could not understand each other any longer.

Every witch is wicked because she possesses the spirit of wickedness. A witch is also in bondage, in that she has mortgaged her life to Satan the devil. She can no longer do her own will, except such a will is in agreement with the desires of Satan the devil. Demon becomes the senior partner or higher nature of the witches. Local witches are organised into groups called covens. Each coven has between five to thirteen human agents. The most senior of each of the groups and sometimes his deputy will belong as ordinary members in a senior group. Africa has black and red witches. These are witches that operate while asleep.

At night, a witch leaves her body and journeys down in astral plane to their meetings. Commonly, some of them sleep on their backs with their feet stretched to the wall. Some may sleep like the toads. These sleeping positions are to pin down the spirit of the people that sleep around them, until they return from their meeting. People that sleep in the company of witches may notice fatigue; weariness or tiredness in the morning because the normal refreshing sleep was denied them. Witches usually cast a spell on them to disturb the normal rest of the body and the soul. Where witchcraft is combined with another demonic derivative like “Ogbanje’ or ‘Emere,’ such human agent will be able to operate both day and night, their practice is called psychic projection (i.e. sending out flood of demons). She could control the lives of people around her through a power propelled from her eyes. She can control and manipulate people’s thoughts. She can cause vehicle accidents and do so many other unthinkable wicked acts.

Married women with such powers could help their husbands acquire wealth, but will bring same husbands to the dust, if they are disobeyed or disrespected. A woman with such power is normally the centre of worship in a cult, even where she does not hold any senior post in the real life in such a gathering. These women also disguise and own churches or organise women meetings like cooperative groups, where they manipulate the lives of their unsuspecting members under the pretence of helping them. Some are prominent in churches as prophetesses, because they have the ability for accurate visions and predictions.

To be continued next Sunday
Pastor Segun Adewumi
General Overseer, House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations


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