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Dwelling together in unity

By Prophet O. Azuka
14 November 2021   |   3:37 am
The expectation of God is that believers that are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb should dwell together in unity. This is a mark of true Christianity.


The expectation of God is that believers that are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb should dwell together in unity. This is a mark of true Christianity. There is strength and victory in unity. There is no battle that a united church cannot engage in and overcome. There is no nut too hard to crack by a united church that works together and speak the same language of unity. To ensure we retain our victories as a church, unity must be the hallmark. But where there is disunity, there are all sorts of confusion and evil works.

Unity attracts sinners. It attracts God’s full glory. There is no discrimination in unity. There is no tribalism and language barriers in unity. Everyone sees himself as an integral part of the Family of God. Jesus Christ is the focus of every church member. In fact, He is the focal point and the reason for the gathering. Therefore, there is no room for schism. The church Christ died for is a unique one with unity and togetherness. The Disciples of Christ displayed an uncommon unity in this regard. They sold all they had and apportioned it to those that had needs. However, this act of love does not support or promote laziness.

Brethren in a united church must strive to promote the oneness in fellowship. Continual fellowship with God in unity produces increment and growth in the church. God is free to move unhindered among a united church. He pours His blessings upon the church and monitors its progress. In fact, He lives and dwells in the midst of the worshippers in a united church. Conversion and conviction is in the hands of the Lord, but unity facilitates the process. Disunity chases away people from the church. It destroys the Lord’s work.

It is pertinent to know that unity does not rule out disagreement among brethren. But such misunderstanding should be settled in the spirit of love. However, it will be against the spirit of unity for brothers to approach the Police or law court to mediate between them. The scriptures are completely against any brother who seeks alternative mechanism outside the church in resolving matters with his brother. This step will breed disunity and destroys the works of the Lord. The church should be careful to guard against acrimony and sentiment in order to preserve unity.

There are various elements of disunity. Tribalism is one of them; it is a deadly virus that destroys a church. This virus must not be permitted in a living church. Christ never entertained tribalism in His earthly ministry. He did not differentiate between Hebrews and Greeks. He saw them as the same. Same persuasion should guide a true child of God. In the church of Christ, there should be no association based on tribal considerations. It is disheartening to see some churches that form associations and hold meetings on tribal basis. Evangelism and mission work should not be based on tribal considerations. No missionary should be considered because of tribal affiliation. A church that Christ leads must work according to Christ precepts. Take, for instance, the disciples of Jesus made distributions of goods according to the needs of brethren and not according to their tribes. This action of selflessness fosters unity among the early church.

Hatred is another evil that promotes disunity in a fellowship. Hatred is a wild fire that can destroy fellowship with ease. Hatred breeds gossip, which sows seeds of discord among believers. Talebearers, as agents of disunity, cause pain among brethren. They always have new stories to tell about people. Another virus that must be avoided is sin and wickedness.

These are fornicators and workers of iniquity. They must be done away with in the fellowship. Compromise is another evil that destroys a united church. Compromisers are unstable people among believers. They do not have personal convictions. They are being drifted by all winds of doctrines. False doctrine is a clog in the wheel of progress of any United church and must be avoided in its entirety. A church of Christ must be guided not to borrow doctrines from other churches. Greed and covetousness are twin evils that wreck a church. A united church must avoid it.

The Lord looks up to believes to build a formidable church, and unity is the answer! Ensure you promote it. Contribute your quota towards building an enviable church.
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