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Eating in demonic dreams: Spiritual poisoning


Segun Adewumi

One of the means by which Satan sow tares among the wheat is when poison is given as food in dreams. (Ps 69:21, Matt 13:25-26)

Eating unusual objects like charcoal, black or red clay, human or animal waste, black soap, kola nut, fermented or spoilt decaying meat, maggot or germs, hair, etc in a dream connote poisoning for the dreamer. Poison may be directed at the body, mind or spirit. This is a classic way demonic sickness enter people’s lives. Mental illness, epilepsy, leprosy, tuberculosis, hypertension, migraine and some other deadly diseases are sowed, when people eat any of the above in their dreams. Though the diseases have natural causes, the chances of contracting them are made possible by certain manipulations in dream. Once tares are sowed on the spirit personality in a dream, the victim becomes easily vulnerable to these sicknesses.

This situation can also cause Rejection, Dejection, Depression and other social problems. Stealing (especially kleptomania) and other negative psychotic mannerisms, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, love of violence, etc are also inflicted through food poisoning. Faith and decent manner can be removed in the same way, when the poison is projected against the mind of the person concerned.

When one is to be delivered of an ailment, such as ulcer for instance, care must be taken to prevent Satan from sending the tares removed from the body to the mind through food poisoning. If Satan succeeds in doing this, a strange negative behaviour might replace the sickness the person has just been delivered of. This is like a mere transfer of the problem from the body to the soul. Prayer must continue, until a dream reversing the situation is experienced.


To become a witch, a person must have eaten the fruit of the forbidden tree. Unrighteousness is achieved through the violation of sacred law. Lev 17:14. See also Deuteronomy 12:23-25, Lev 7:26, Eze 33:24 and Acts 15:19

Satan induces his own to violate sacred law. When meat is eaten or blood is drank in a dream, it is a direct initiation into witchcraft. The parallel that happens in the physical realm are with edible object like kola-nut and in fact, any food item can be used. During initiation into a cult, kola-nut stained with the blood of the grandmaster and that of devotee is usually shared and eaten. The witch manipulates the situation with magical power. The devotee at night will find himself floating over his own body and joined by others will experience his first astral journey to the meeting place of the witches. Having eaten the blood of the grandmaster, his soul comes under the control of Satan.

In demonic dream, eating is the defilement of the flesh, same as having sexual intercourse in dream. Eating in dream generally aborts blessing and cause promise and fail. It leads to having spirit of dishonour and ill luck. Eating in dream can cause stagnation and hatred; those that eat in their dream are the spiritual slaves. A spiritual slave is that person, who has a mark on him or her, which attracts the invasion of the demonic agents. If one finds some people paying undue attention of looking intently at him, most of the time, such a one can be a spiritual slave. Demonic people easily identify him and would concentrate their attention on him, especially if they board the same vehicle.

Whoever usually eats in his dream may also experience other bad dreams, such as inability to climb the hill, finding oneself in an old school or old house, picking of snails and other dreams that cause delayed blessings and failure to the dreamer. The worst of such experiences is when the victim is pressed down at sleep. We also have those that meet with cobwebs on the street in the daytime. Whoever experiences any of the above needs prayer of deliverance. It is the way demonic agents manipulate and steal the destiny of special people. Rev12: 17, Rev 13:17
Pastor Segun Adewumi
General Overseer, House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations


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