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By Rev.Dr. Israel Kristilere
02 January 2022   |   2:05 am
Exultant is the right word to describe the attitude of the angels when they sang, “Glory to God in the highest.” Those whom the Lord has lifted/exalted cannot but exult and exalt Him.

Israel Kristilere

Exultant is the right word to describe the attitude of the angels when they sang, “Glory to God in the highest.” Those whom the Lord has lifted/exalted cannot but exult and exalt Him. “Glory to God in the highest” is the first carol ever sung. This was sung not by man, but by angels. The birth of the saviour was heralded with the good news of great joy and those who receive such news indeed must be exultant.

The content of the song is therefore worthy of examination. The subject of this carol is “Glory to God,” which means “praise be to God or honor be to God.” This means, the praise of redeeming man is due to God. This is the highest expression of His love and mercy. Nowhere, so far, as we can see, could his glory be more strikingly exhibited than in giving His only begotten son to die for mankind. The words “God in the highest” may be equivalent to “the Most High God,” and be the same as saying, “let the most high God be praised for His love and mercy to His people.” But one wonders why the expression says, “Glory to God in the highest” and not on earth? It is because not much on earth is giving Him glory. That is why we need to give Him glory and be exultant. God desires that glory is giving to Him on earth as it is done in heaven. Implications The implications of this carol sung by the angels are threefold.

These are, • Let us learn to give all glory to God in all for without God, we are nothing. We must make efforts that our lives, words and works are giving glory to God.  • Let us give glory to God in spite of all. Giving glory to God is not determined by circumstances. We must ensure that God is glorified no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance. God must be glorified in all and at all times. In season and out of season, we must give glory to Him. Giving glory to God must not be limited to Christmas time alone.  • Giving genuine glory to God will bring peace on earth and His goodwill towards us. This is a revelation of this passage. Today, what the earth needs is peace. (14b) Jesus is the peace that the world needs. May that peace come over you, your household, Nigeria and the world at large. Amen!Conclusion Therefore, let us keep Christmas as the angels kept it, giving glory to God and pursuing peace.

As a businessman, if you have an opponent in business who you have said some very hard words about lately, go and amend your ways with him or her. Make the matter up as soon as you can and let there be peace and give glory to God. This is the way to keep Christmas; “glory to God in the highest and peace on earth.” If you have anything that prevents you from having peace of mind, pray to God to give you peace. It is peace on earth, peace in your mind, peace in thyself, peace with thyself, peace with thy fellow men and peace with thy God. When the Lord Jesus has become your peace, there is another thing that will be added, “goodwill towards men.” As we observe this Christmas, let us focus on giving glory to the Lord, making peace and seeking the goodwill of one another. Let us be men and women of goodwill.

What the angels actually sang here is, “glory to God in the highest”, not hosanna in the highest according to one of our popular songs. Let us be exultant and sing with the angels, “glory to God in the highest.” May our lives, homes and work give glory to God on earth as it is in the highest. Amen. Shalom. 
•Rev. Dr Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory) Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos. Whatsapp:2348033052590.

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