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Get a place not a space



When the children of Israel moved to Egypt, one would think their time of wandering is over; they can now rest.

Joseph only asked for a space in Goshen, where he would nourish his people from the famine that ravages the lands.

Both Pharaoh and Joseph knew they were not to settle in Egypt. Their promised land was still far from their reach.


They needed survival at that time, somewhere to just hide themselves from the harsh condition outside.

You must have heard people say, ‘I know the subject I’m good at, but my parents want me to go for this one.’

That kind of person may spend his lifetime unfulfilled.

He would be living another person’s life, doing another person’s job or building his castle on another man’s foundation.

For every man on earth, God has a plan. He called Abraham out of the Hur of Chaldea to go to a place he would later inherit as his own.

His descendants wasted 430 years in a land that was not theirs.

They got a space in Goshen not a place to inherit. Though they spent long years there, yet, they could not live a fulfilled life there.

It was sorrow upon sorrow, affliction upon afflictions, from one torture to another until the “self-same day” God came to their rescue.

He forced them out of the space that was not meant for them and took them to their own “Land of Promise.”


Have you found yourself in a place where not destined for you?

You will be like a fish out of water, unless you discover your own place. Some people have chosen another person’s partner as spouse.

I am not an authority to tell you what to do in such case; but as an ambassador for Christ, there is no divorce or remarriage in the gospel of Christ. You need God’s divine favour and grace in such life.

For some, they are engaging in career that is not theirs.

Circumstances, pressure from parents and partners or poor self-image or foolish evaluation of themselves made them take up that career.

This category of people needs God to help them decipher and analyse their journey in life.

If you have not taken the step, the first step is to ask God.

Then, from the answer you get, begin to map out strategies on how to achieve your needed goals in life.

If you have taken a wrong step already, go to God in prayer; ask Him for solution and He will not fail you.


You can see that every move you make in life is to be guided by God. That’s why the Lord Jesus said; “without me ye can do nothing”.

This calls for self-examination. If you have not really given your life to the Lord, you are destroying yourself.

Repent today and come to Christ, Who will straighten your life journey, however crooked it may be.

There is a sharp distinction between a place and a space. Mere looking at the two words, you may think they mean the same thing.

For example, when someone says, ‘I will find you a space in our work place.’

It means I will get you somewhere to put up; it might not be your area of specialization, but just somewhere with limited freedom and expertise.

But when someone says he will find you a place of your specialisation; it means you will get your own place with no limit of expertise acumen and freedom.

Same things go for all things in life: career, academic, ambition, pursuit, vision and ministry.

Strive to get your own place and don’t settle for a space.

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