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Getting your customers’ attention


Pastor David Adeoye

Customers are the most valuable set of people in the business world. Without them, I don’t think any businessman or woman will be in business. “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company,” (Michael LeBoeuf). They determine the size, success and lifespan of your company.

In today’s market place, customers have several alternatives and this is why every businessman must do everything possible to get and keep his customers’ attention. Stop acting as if you are the only one in business, as if there are no competitors.

“Does a bird get caught up in a trap, if the trap has not been baited?” (Amos 3:5 Good News Bible).

“Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth where no gin (bait or trap) is for him?” (Amos 3:5 KJV).


Bait is the food used to entice the prey. For instance, if there are rats in your house and you want to start catching them one by one, you will set a trap and put a piece of meat on it, to entice the rats. If there is nothing to attract the rats’ attention, the trap might end up catching nothing.

If you set a trap to catch a prey, what you’ll use to bait the trap will be determined by the kind of prey you want to catch. What might catch the attention of a rat might not catch the attention of a bird.

You must define your kind of audience, so as to know what’s capable of catching their attention. Get a clear picture of the kind of customers you want and their wants. If you try to go for everybody, you might end up as nobody in the market place, because everybody can’t be your customer.

“But he answered and said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matt. 15:24

Jesus had a clear picture of His audience and so; He was going about with the right “bait” for His audience. This was why within three and a half years; He was the most patronised “Prophet” of His days. He knew the people that needed what He had.
Rewarding Your Customers

People buy what they want. So, define what they want and package it with something motivating. The thing that motivates customers is reward.

“The secret of winning and keeping customers is to reward them.” (Michael LeBoeuf)

One of the greatest business secrets in the world is: ‘Reward the customer and advertise the reward alongside with the product.’ Don’t make the reward a secret to the people and make sure it is attractive enough. People are naturally attracted to where they know they will enjoy additional value for their money.

What made the New Testament catch more attention than the Old Testament is that it comes with Grace (unmerited favour). This is an additional value. Let your audience know what extra benefit they stand to gain, if they patronise you.

If you refuse to do this, it will be like lowering your hook into the river without bait, while others had their hooks in the same river with baits. Only a foolish fish will get caught by a ‘baitless’ hook. Stop doing business without having a strategy to get and keep your customers’ attention.
Be Exceptional

Exceptionality will always attract attention. You can’t catch enough attention when you fit in. Many businesses have been trapped by traditions and norms. Be careful that the popular event of the day does not cage your company. Try your best to avoid what is “common,” if you want an uncommon result in the market place.

Exceptionality is self-advertised. Without much publicity, it catches everybody’s attention. Make sure that your company is exceptional; in the dressing of your staff, the facilities available to your customers, public relations, printed materials, website, packaging, product and services, etc. If your products, website, packaging, product and services are placed in the midst of other products, it should standout, if you want to attract adequate attention.

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