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Godly vision breeds success


Gabriel Osu

Gabriel Osu

A life without vision is a purposeless life. Vision is the silent energiser that keeps us trudging on towards the actualization of our dream, no matter the challenges that comes our way. Vision is life the road map that directs our path way towards attaining a specific goal or goals. When we lack a true knowledge of who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing, we become visionless and end up like a rolling stone that parches wherever it finds itself.

A traveller must first have a pre-conceived destination in mind before embarking on a journey. Only a mad man embarks on a task without first determining what he wants to accomplish and how he would go about accomplishing it. We all need vision in our lives. Our visions can be positive or negative. A man who kills another for money is obviously being propelled by a wrong and disjointed vision of success. His vision is to get money at all cost, even if it entails taking the life of another. A student who decides to pass his or her exams by ‘sorting out lecturers’, as they put it, must have already visualised it in his or her mind; and so is ready to do so through any means. Similarly, one can nurse the ambition of becoming a doctor or lawyer through hard work and perseverance. It may take a while, but with persistence, success is sure to come.

Corporate bodies and institutions, including the government, also have visions of what they intend to accomplish. It is this vision that empowers them to outline their mission statements, which they make known to the world. They thereafter thrive day and night to achieve this so that they can remain profitable and meet-up with their corporate responsibilities.

As individuals also, there is a vision within each of us. God has deposited in us a burning zeal to accomplish some lofty goals in life. It is now our responsibility to strive hard to discover these visions in line with God’s guiding principles as outlined in this words. We need to be careful though because the devil too can come in disguise to plant his own vision into our lives as he did to Adam and Eve and even modern men like Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Sometimes, if not all the time, we need faith to discover the right vision, for as the bible says, we, (that is Christians) walk by faith, not sight.

A vision is the mirror that enables us to have a clear knowledge of the events of our lives long before they come to pass.

• Very Rev. Msgr. Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

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