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Goodnight – Bamisebi, The Archbishop of Lagos province!!!

By Guardian Nigeria
04 December 2022   |   4:17 am
The entire families of the Olumakaiye, Akinfeleye, Olamiti, and all the Makanres both at home and in the Diaspora, thereby commiserate with the entire Lagos Province, Anglican Communion on the sudden demise of our dear son....

Rt. Rev. Dr. Humphrey B. Olumakaiye

The entire families of the Olumakaiye, Akinfeleye, Olamiti, and all the Makanres both at home and in the Diaspora, thereby commiserate with the entire Lagos Province, Anglican Communion on the sudden demise of our dear son, brother, husband, uncle, cousin and father — Archbishop Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye.

We received — with the great dismay, shock and sense of loss — the passing unto glory of our iconic, peaceful, principled and charismatic Archbishop Olumakaiye on November 1, 2022 at about 7.00pm.

We shall continue to remember Archbishop Olumakaiye as a very thorough, highly meticulous, humble, unassuming seasoned religious professional, astute clergy man who was religiously dedicated to both academic and professional excellence particularly — evangelism.

Your unparalleled sense of humour, religious adventures wise counselling and as a human stabiliser… Bamisebi!!!
As an accomplished clergy, your numerous contributions to the continued growth of Lagos Province, Anglican Communion — and earlier on in Osun North Diocese — will never be forgotten.

You remained a highly cerebral member of the Committee of Bishops and Archbishop in Nigeria. You are, indeed, a frontline Archbishop; a religious veteran and above all — a strategist of high repute.

Your patience and meticulous ways of using the Solomon’s wisdom to resolve conflicts and disagreements in the entire Diocese of Lagos, particularly at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos State, will continue to be remembered by all… both saints and other evil forces within the Diocese!!!

Bamisebi … your simplicity is solving complex problems and disagreements at meetings will remain classic!!! In addition, your concern for others in need, is unparalleled; your dedication to family values is legendary; your unending attitude in the promotion of religious harmony, your brand humility to all at all times is contagious!!! You were a good manager of managers, excellent and unrepentant advocate of peace in Lagos Province and in Nigeria at all times.

Your zeal and determination for global peace at all times will be missed by all. Your brand loyalty to religious evangelism is very rare in Nigeria. Your significant contributions to the welfare of others during your 53 years on earth are also very rare in Nigeria.

I remember with nostalgia, that on Saturday, November 16, 2021, you came all the way from Lagos to Idanre in Ondo State to officiate the wedding of my son and his heartthrob in a special event held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Odode, Idanre. In fact, this was beyond my imagination and the family will forever be grateful for your kind performance on that special day. Unfortunately, I did not know that December 16, 2021, would be the last time you and I will meet face-to-face in our homeland… Idanre, to discuss family issues. I am, indeed, saddened for your sudden departure. It is a big lose to us in the family and the entire Idanre Kingdom. 

Bamisebi !!!… You remain a worthy family star until your last day on earth. It is often said: “It is not how long, but how well; but I will like to add… how well enough – you came, you saw and you have conquered!!!” 
Our heartfelt sympathy goes to all the Makanres at home and in the Diaspora
May God continue to grant you eternal rest and continue to take care of all the family members you left behind, particularly your darling wife, Professor (Mrs.) Modupe Olumakaiye and your sweet mother, our dear Chief (Mrs.) Olumakaiye, Senior.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty!!!
O da bo O… Bamisebi!!!! 
O do la O… Humphrey!!!!
Sun re O… Omo Bami and Yeye Olumakaiye of Idanre Kingdom 
Adieu my dear cousin and Aburo!!! Good Night… Bamisebi!!!!
• Prof Ralph A. Akinfeleye, for and on behalf of the family