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Has God changed?



The above question does not need an angel, a necromancer (one who communicates with the dead like the witch at Endor) to say “No.” Much as it seems so easy a question to answer, the spiritual disposition, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge of people who claim to be closer to God make the answer “doubtful”.  The most serious charge of mortal inconsistency is the raw ignorance that some “Christians” display to portray what seems to be the befitting blended colours of God.
In Malachi 3:6a, the Scripture says, “For I am the Lord, I change not…” Also in Hebrew 13:8 the same Scripture states “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.” If God does not change and does not change HIS word (until is fulfilled Isa. 55:10-11) why has man tried so vainly to do the opposite? Consider the following in paraphrased:

Scripture: Man is flesh and composite, unclean and all their righteousness is as filthy rags (Gen 6:3; Isa 64:6). Jesus came to die to take away the sins of the world yet that does not stop a man from being FLESH and prone to sin (Heb 9:22; 1John 1:8-10).


Some men of God: Your past, present, and future sins have been washed away by Christ so YOU ARE SINLESS, FOREVER SAVED AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRAY TO GOD FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF YOUR SINS.

Scripture: God created both the rich and the poor (Prov 22:2; Mt. 26:11).

Some men of God: Your God is not a poor God – you must not be poor. (Forgetting that “poverty” is relative, such has prompted a tragic quest for wealth by hook or by crook by some unscrupulous “Christians”.

Scripture: Believe and be baptised (by immersion) to be saved (Mk 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; 8:36-39; 16:30-33; Rom 6:1-5).

Some men of God: Baptism is not necessary for salvation. The thief on the cross was saved without baptism (Lk 23:39-42). They also apply Rom 10:9 and treat it in isolation… not comparing Acts 16:30-33. They forget that the thief’s episode was in Mosaic era and there was not a single Christian then. Christians are now under a new and final dispensation.

The above and many more of human wisdom have rendered void the salvation of millions. In broad terms, it is a view of reality that draws a sharp distinction, indeed, a dividing line between the Scripture and the teachings of men, which cannot design any scriptural reconstruction for salvation (Mt 15:7-9, 13-14).

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