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I refuse to expire – Part 2

By John Okene
19 December 2021   |   3:07 am
The man in our Bible passage was described as invalid because for 38 years, he was not productive. The enemies can waste the years of a man causing him to be busy yet achieving nothing.


Text: John 5:1-7

The man in our Bible passage was described as invalid because for 38 years, he was not productive. The enemies can waste the years of a man causing him to be busy yet achieving nothing. No job, no marriage, no children, no skills acquired, no legacy to be remembered for. When Jesus met the invalid man, he was angry because what He saw of him was not his true identity according to Gen. 1:27-28. God’s desire for us is to be productive and take charge.

Today, many people are being controlled by what they ought to control, and worse still, they have nothing to show for their existence in life like this man. God is angry at your situation today and He wants to give you your true identity like He did to the invalid man. He knows how long you have been in this situation and without a helper. He knows how many times people have pushed you out of your seat of destiny to take your place. “Today, He will put you back on course and where you could not go or what you could not do for yourself before, you will begin to do it in Jesus’ name.” There are different ways the enemy can make a man invalid. The first of them is through satanic names. In 1 Chr. 4:9-10, we see the case of Jabez, whose mother named out of a sorrowful heart and as such, his whole life was characterised by sorrow.

Check the meaning of your name, as the problem you are going through today could be linked to your name, if it represents something unpleasant or is even connected to an idol. Imagine if your grandfather was a witch doctor or a marine priest until his death and then at birth you were named “Babatunde,” meaning “father has come back.” His spirit is what will be operating in you and so, there will be a limit to your achievements in life because there is an automatic transfer of his life battles to you. His health, marital and spiritual challenges will be handed over to you in the spirit realm. Such a person will merely be existing, while someone else has lived his life for him. Another way a man can be rendered invalid is through curses, as we see in Gen. 49:3-4. Reuben was cursed by his father for an offence he committed earlier on and so, he lost his position as first born and all his entitlements (1 Chr. 5:1).

The sons of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh became the recipient of his birthright and they lived in his destiny, while he lived a fake and expired life. A review of the descendants of Reuben showed that they experienced untimely death, were often defeated in battles and never successful in anything, until God’s merciful intervention through Moses who spoke a prophetic word in Deut. 33:6 to cancel the curse. “I decree to you, every curse issued against your destiny expires today in Jesus’ name.” Again, sin can make a man invalid. In John 5:14, when Jesus met the impotent man again in the temple, all He told him was “Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more…” Sin is a destroyer; sin can rubbish the value of gold. But God has sent His Son Jesus to wash us clean, so we can shine forth hence He said in Isa. 60:1, “Arise and shine for thy light has come…” A man that is living in sin is like a piece of diamond covered with mud and men cannot tell its true worth and so, take it for an ordinary stone. But when the validator comes, its true worth begins to manifest and attract people. Isa. 60:3 says that gentiles shall come to the brightness of your shining. I pray for you that your life will begin to attract favour from kings, presidents, and people that matter in Jesus’ name.”

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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