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Indiscipline, corruption must not become a way of life — Ndukuba

By Ngozi Adighibe 
25 October 2020   |   3:02 am
The Gospel, which we proclaim is the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The ministry, which we exercise, is that of the Kingdom and our prayer is focused on the Kingdom, the authority and power of the sovereign God...

Henry Chukwudum Ndukuba

The Gospel, which we proclaim is the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The ministry, which we exercise, is that of the Kingdom and our prayer is focused on the Kingdom, the authority and power of the sovereign God, our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. His will and purpose shall be done in His world and in His Church.

The ministry of the church is about God and the very lives of the people and not about our positions, our group interests and possessions. Therefore, a situation wherein people act and behave as though the Church belongs to them is the height of blasphemy against God. The idols that occupy the place of God must be cast down and out. Jesus Christ must be Lord and Saviour of our lives, His Church and His World. Indiscipline and corruption must not become a way of life. All life must be sanctified unto God.
This is the Decade of the Reign of God and raising the Citizens of God’s Kingdom through purposeful Discipleship as very vital to the work of the Church.

We hope to re-engage and Re-evangelise and Disciple our members and as many as God will bring our way. The impact of the Boko Haram, herdsmen attacks on communities, banditry and kidnapping and violence is such that in many places, we have lost lives and property. In some parts of our church, the average age of the Anglican Church attendance is above 50 years. We have continued to lose our children and youth to the new generation churches. This haemorrhage occurs more from teenagers to young adults and especially, when they get into tertiary institutions. The current movement of young Muslims to cities in the South opens up a new mission field.

Some years ago, we had considered the replanting of Christianity in the Northern part of this country, as a response to the devastations around us. Moreso, the creation of the Missionary Dioceses as part of our response to the Decade of Evangelism has opened up this country for the Gospel and placed the Anglican Communion in a strategic position throughout the nation. One considers that this Decade will be dedicated to Growing the Church in faith, membership and a Church that is indeed engaging in pragmatic Evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ the Lord and waiting eagerly for His glorious return. For this purpose, Mission, Evangelism, and Discipleship will remain core to the Ministry of the Church of Nigeria [Anglican Communion].

Our heart is set on serving the purpose of God for His Church, and there is no room for warfare and quarrel. As we work for unity and peace, we shall also work to maintain truth and godly discipline and set everything in order in the Church of God. The achievements of Archbishops Timothy Olufosoye, Joseph Adetiloye, Peter J. Akinola and Nicholas D. Okoh will be sustained and built upon. We shall give our energy to serving this Church in humility and to consolidate the growth of the Church of Nigeria and her Ministry to the world. In order to sustain the growth of the Church, we shall build the Institutions of the Church, which will support the work of the Provinces, Dioceses and local Parishes. A strong national Church will be a great safeguard for Mission, Ministry and support for the weaker and missionary areas of the Church.

The Church of Nigeria [Anglican Communion] at this End Time is called for the Defence of the Gospel. We are totally committed to contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Together with all Bishops, Clergy and Laity, we shall stand against the Revisionist strange Doctrines that deny the Authority of the Word of God, the Bible and its power to order and guide our lives and practice. We will continue to uphold the Orthodox faith in Christ Jesus, the Authority of the Scripture and the Anglican Heritage, as we have received it. We shall resist the invasion of Homosexuality and Lesbianism and occultism in the Church of God. We shall not yield to the shrewd or subtle appeal of the Church of England or America or their agents to compromise the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
(Culled from the Presidential Address of the Primate, the Most Rev. Henry Chukwudum Ndukuba to the 13th General Synod of the Church of Nigeria by the Ven. Dr Princewill Ireoba).

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