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It is not over 


The vision for 2018 will still speak, no time is too late for God. There are certain things that have blocked your way from prospering and moving forward. And as you read this, God is cutting them off from your life. There are things you need to send away from your life, so that your life can have the right result. God said to Abraham to send Hagar and her son away, this is not my plan for you. I will still bring my plans for you to pass. And when Hagar and her son left and their food and water got finished, she concluded that it is over. When man’s ability ends, that is when God’s ability starts. God has not finished with you; He is giving you results that will close your enemies’ mouths.

Hagar abandoned her son and said let me not see the death of my child. As this year is ending, I declare that parents will not see the death of their children in Jesus name. As Hagar and her son were crying, a voice came to Hagar and said God has heard the cry of the child because the child came from Abraham, God does not forget His own. That thing you are facing will fade away. God opened Hagar’s eyes to see not only water, but also a well. God will always give you above your expectations. The well settled her problem. As you read this, God is opening your eyes to see what ordinary men can’t see. When God opens your eyes, you won’t see your problems as problems, you’ll see them as opportunities. They told Jesus that Lazarus was dead, but Jesus saw it differently. He saw Lazarus sleeping. Everybody in Israel saw Goliath as a terrorist, but David saw him as an opportunity to be rich, a letter to the next level.

Some of you are looking at your business location, but your problem is not your location but in your situation. Opportunity is everywhere, and it is not only when you travel to Europe you’ll make a break through. There are people suffering in Europe. Your prayer should be ‘Oh Lord, bless me in the land of the living.’

God settled Hagar and her child, and they didn’t die. May God settle you in this eleventh hour and send angels that will help you in Jesus name. Some of you reading this message have been written you off by men, but God is writing you on. Don’t give up on yourself, for God has not given up on you.

God is using someone to wipe away your tears. As they carried the dead boy for burial and they met Jesus on the way, they stopped by themselves with the dead boy. Jesus didn’t stop them. There is no situation that can confront Jesus. You can’t meet Jesus and still be crying. Only a word from God will change your situation, as you are reading through you are rising up and your voice is being heard. Those that have left you before are coming back to you. They are reversing back; they are coming to bow to you, to look up to you. It is not yet over.

As a child of God, if you have a desire, do not retire; continue to refire, until you acquire your desire. If you fail to aspire, you will expire but when you aspire, you will acquire. God bless you.
Prophet (Dr.) Anene Nwachukwu
(Oracle of God), Rhema Deliverance Mission Intl. Inc., 
Rhema International Prophetic Centre LASU-Igando Road, Church Pole Bus Stop, Beside Iba Police Station, Iba, Lagos.
08034111288, 07030807040

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