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It is time to give birth – Part 2


Rev. John Okene

It is never a pleasant experience to go through the pains and discomfort of pregnancy and yet have nothing to show for it. Every pregnant woman prays for safe delivery at full term. So also, there are reasons you must pray for the safe delivery of your visions.

In Lk2: 34, when Jesus was born, Simeon blessed the child and said He is appointed and destined for the rise and falling of many in Israel. Note that every miracle birthed through you can cause some people to go down, while others will rise by it.


In other words, there are people attached to your destiny who can only move forward, when you rise and if you fall, they also fall. Some others are attached to your destiny just to pull you down. I was ministering in a programme some time ago and a lady who was hit by the anointing started manifesting. A voice spoke from within her, saying I should not deliver her and that they are many from the Atlantic Ocean that teamed up against her destiny. She further said the lady’s star is so great, but they would not allow her to fulfil her purpose in life. She had been ordained to be a great evangelist and this would make her a terror to their kingdom, so they manipulated her to live a wayward life. She was born for the fall of the kingdom of darkness. Imagine the souls that would be saved, if the evangelist in her were delivered.

The second reason you must pray for the safe delivery of your vision is that it will bring great joy to many. Jn16: 20-21 says a woman in travail has sorrow, but once she is delivered of her baby, the pains are forgotten and she is overwhelmed with joy. Today, the nation is experiencing serious birth pains politically, economically and otherwise. These are all signs that a new Nigeria is about to be born. May we experience it in our time in Jesus name. Finally, safe delivery of your vision terminates shame, blesses you and makes you a blessing to your generation.


There are certain birth signs that show a woman is about to deliver. These include the pains of contraction that come with so much sorrow. A lot of people are living in great pains, hardship, hunger and oppression. There is also pressure around the abdominal region and waist. This is expressed by the intense financial, marital, economic, political and social pressure seen everywhere. It is a sign that something is about to break forth. Lastly, there is the bursting of the water, which makes the baby restless and uncomfortable. At this stage, the womb can no longer retain the miracle. Nigeria is our Jerusalem and God said he would comfort Jerusalem at a time like this. The gestation period of our long-held dream has expired, hence this present national revolt. What we experience today are the birth signs that precede the much-desired national change and may it not suffer stillbirth in Jesus name.

It is also worthy of note that for safe and sound delivery, there are certain requirements whose importance cannot be over emphasised. The first of them is the Labour room and this is represented by the Church. Every great change and revival should begin from the church. (Acts1:8). Secondly, we need the midwives, who are today the pastors and church leaders to guide you, until your breakthrough comes forth. Thirdly, you need strength, which is the anointing. Heb11: 11 says Sarah by faith received strength to conceive and deliver, even when she was past age. Finally, you must “PUSH” for the vision to be delivered. The nations need to Pray Until Something Happens. The good vision, business idea, career or ministry you have been pregnant with shall be delivered this season in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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