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Keep the fire burning

By Prophet O. Azuka
25 October 2020   |   3:25 am
Fire is an important ingredient in the life of any Christian. The ‘fire’ as used in this context is not a literal fire, but the fire of God that burns in the spirit of a believer, which drives to action.

Fire is an important ingredient in the life of any Christian. The ‘fire’ as used in this context is not a literal fire, but the fire of God that burns in the spirit of a believer, which drives to action. Every believer needs it to remain relevant in the Lord’s sight and in the annals of history.

The Lord knew how important this fire is, which was why He instructed the children of Israel in the text above to ensure that the fire burns unquenchably at the altar. The fire was aimed at retaining God’s presence and to also ward off all kinds of evils. In fact, God specifically instructed the priest to regularly ensure the fire was always on at the altar to keep it burning. Although the fire the children of Israel was asked to burn at the altar was a literal fire, but ours is a spiritual fire that is expected to burn ceaselessly. The fire the Lord kindled in us as Christians is gotten through intensive and sustained fasting and prayer.

The fire God ignited during this long period of waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer in Kingdom Power cannot burn without holiness. There must be a holy living and uncompromising lifestyle. To sustain the fire, fasting and prayer should be observed regularly. Prayer is what sustains the fire and makes it burn always. Prayer is the oxygen that keeps the fire of God in our spirit burning with unprecedented flames. The children of Israel made physical fire at the altar of God and constantly supplied firewood to keep it in flames. Similarly, a Christian needs prayer to boost the fire and keeps it burning at all times. All kinds of prayer are expected at this period. This includes but not limited to, intercession for sinners for repentance; intercession to upturn the inhumane and obnoxious policies and decisions made by those in authority; prayer of worship and thanksgiving.

Believers should learn to pray to thank God for His mercies and love for man and for saving our souls from the sins of the world. This kind of prayer helps to keep the fire burning. Unfortunately, some believers only come to the presence of God to ask and make petitions to Him. It is not all the time that petitions are made to the Lord. There are times you come to the presence of God in prayer, only to thank and appreciate Him for His good works.

Christians should not be too busy to forget the secret place of prayer. The fire of God is too expensive to lose. Therefore, believers should not occupy their time with mundane things at the expense of prayer. Nothing whatsoever should take the place of our prayer life. The devil is cunning; he is determined to do anything possible to hinder a believer from praying. He manipulates situations to hinder prayer. He would not mind engaging a believer in a very legitimate job to stop his prayer life.

Aside the above, Christians should learn to persevere in the room of prayer in asking for anointing and grace to preach the gospel. Some pulpits are cold today because there is no prayer. Messages deliver on such pulpits do not have substance. Lives are not transformed; rather, the congregation goes home with sorrow and defeat. The only business a believer has on earth is to win souls to the Kingdom of God, but souls cannot be won to the Lord without serious and intensive prayer. Therefore, it would be convenient to say at this juncture that prayer is the business of believers on earth!

Christ lived the life of prayer; He kept the fire until the last day. It’s your time now! Keep the fire burning.
For further reading: 1 Thess. 5:17; Eph. 6.18-19; Luke 18:1-; 1 Tim. 2:1-3; Psalm 136:1-3; 135:1-3; 138:1-2; Col. 3:16; Matt. 7:7.
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