Friday, 9th June 2023

Kidney, heart and liver failure healed

By Guardian Nigeria
26 March 2023   |   2:45 am
I am Sister Goodness Kelvin. I reside at Ikotun, Lagos, but joined the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in 2005 during that year’s edition of the programme entitled: “From Sorrow to Joy.”

A cross section of testifiers at the programme

I am Sister Goodness Kelvin. I reside at Ikotun, Lagos, but joined the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in 2005 during that year’s edition of the programme entitled: “From Sorrow to Joy.”

I appreciate God for His mercy and grace upon my life for healing me of kidney failure, heart damage and liver complications. It all started two years ago, when my family travelled to the village for my mother-in-law’s funeral. At the ceremony, somebody embraced me and immediately, my body system changed and I began to stool and vomit. My husband took me to a health centre, but the situation persisted. Returning to Lagos, we went to a hospital, but instead of my condition getting better, it got worse. I could no longer talk, eat, sit, pass urine and faeces. I became helpless!

My body swelled and my husband began to take me from one hospital to the other. It got to a point that I lost hope in living and I told my husband to take care of our children. It was at this point that my husband said, I should declare that I am a Chosen. I made this affirmation thrice and I instantly regained strength. Then, he said: “God of Chosen will not allow the Devil to take the love of his life.” He then made a vow of N100,000 to God and directed the doctor handling my case to discharge me. The doctor said: “Your wife is not getting any better and you are asking for a discharge.” My husband insisted he should discharge me so that I will be taken to Ijesha, the headquarters of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. I was discharged against the doctor’s will and then carried to the church, where I was laid at the back of the congregation.

While praying on the podium, General Pastor mentioned my case and sent fire to the village to consume the altar where the projections came from. He prayed to God for a new heart, liver and kidney to be given to me to replace the damaged ones that I had. He also said: “Where you are lying down, you don’t have strength, I command strength to enter your body.” Immediately, I regained strength and stood. I walked a bit and felt like using the toilet. Someone, however, helped me and I eased myself and also passed out urine; a thing I had not done for two to three weeks. Before the General Pastor could conclude the day’s message, I had visited the ladies’ many times and after that, my swollen body became normal.

A week after the encounter, I went to the hospital for a check up and I was tested and confirmed that my heart, liver and kidney were all in order. Praise the Lord!

From then to date, I have not visited any hospital. God of Chosen is great! Aside from the healing, God also broke a13-year yoke of delay in conception in my life. He blessed me with a bouncing baby boy. Praise the Lord! I pray for the General Pastor, his family and all the Chosen members worldwide to make heaven in Jesus’… Amen!