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Leaders are called to solve problems


Moses as a leader was primarily called to solve a major problem of God’s people, to deliver them from the hands of Pharaoh, and from the afflictions of Egypt taskmasters. Beloved, as a leader positioned in a commission or organisation, there are problems. The Lord has raised you to solve problems, not to talk about them. Leaders do not talk about problems, but give solutions to problems. Friend, it is cheap and easy to talk, and that you talk about problem does not make you a leader, but that you proffer solution to the problem. You are raised as an answer and solution to problems, go ahead, take that mountain and bring a solution.
Caleb: A Case Study

In Joshua 14:12, Caleb as a leader in the Bible requested his superior Joshua, to give him the mountain area of the land that he may fight against the enemy. Leaders should look for areas of need in the commission and proffer solutions to them and not just talk about them.

Leaders are solutions to the Church, society and organisations. Any problem a leader sees means he has been called to solve it, that he has the ability to proffer solutions in line with the vision of the organisation, without breaking ranks, and with due consultation directly with the person in charge. It is not about talk and complaining, rather, it is about solutions and answers to challenges and problems. Friends, there are problems everywhere, but you are raised to solve problems as a leader. Do not say, “I do not have time.” Plan and pay the price, people are paying the price; Jesus, our eternal example paid the supreme price.

Therefore, as a leader, if you meet a mountain, use a dynamite to blow it up, if it is a valley; use fillers to fill it up. All that is needed is the result and solution to the problem; that is why at every point you encounter developed and well-groomed leadership, who give progress reports and not problem reports. Progress reports will show how you challenged a problem and brought a solution. Any problem you keep talking about means that you expect someone else to do it, but one man alone cannot do everything. This demands that leaders must think, plan and take responsibility.

Anybody can speak about a problem, and you don’t have to be a leader to talk about problems. It took faith and boldness for David to confront Goliath without blaming or talking against the armies of Israel that went into hiding. It took prayer, planning and boldness for Moses to liberate his people from Pharaoh’s hands. Joshua had to fight to take them to the Promised Land. Caleb asked for the mountain to be given to him. Nehemiah was much burdened and took up the challenge of rebuilding the land. Let us give more solutions, achieve more results, than just talking.

Leaders are raised for positive impact; they are raised as answers to their generation. Leaders are raised as the pluses in their generations; they are agents of change. They are raised as people of influence; leadership is all about influence. Rev Douglas Chukwueke
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