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Navigate through storms

By Stephen Wolemonwu
12 March 2023   |   4:03 am
To every Life’s experience, there is the entry and the exit point. Your ability to discover the map of divinity hidden in all of man’s activities will determine your ultimate blissful destination.

The Rector, Venerable Stephen Wolemonwu<br />

To every Life’s experience, there is the entry and the exit point. Your ability to discover the map of divinity hidden in all of man’s activities will determine your ultimate blissful destination.

To every individual, God has presented to him/her so many choices to make. The greatest of man’s misdoing is his ignorance. Not knowing what to, where to go, who to meet, how to do things, and when to act, have remained a puzzle. God’s ultimate revelation holds the answers to all of our “whys.”

The dead night breeze was so cool and the environment was so calm that you could hear several neighbours snoring from their rooms and insects singing several melodious rhyme, as if they had a choral composition prepared with several parts of the whole.

Sleep has become an alien. What a strange night! He exclaimed. The struck that broke the camel’s back was the non-availability of electric power supply.

The previous day was better described as rough and strange; now this night has become so slow as if the universal time keeper adjusted the speed of the clock to be relatively slow.

Could it be that both nature and man conspired to make the night very unbearable? It was quite frustrating and boring you could easily notice. Even with the alternative lights from the noisy electric generating plants; none of the bestselling and great books seem fascinating anymore.

Everyone in the apartment seems to be carried away and the sense of unimaginable nature-conspiracy overclouds the active senses, especially as the night vampires in the clothing of tiny mosquitoes became a bitter icing to the soured cake.

When will the daylight take the atmospheric stage, the fear still remains with a horrific question: “If the night is like this what will become of the day?”
Have you found yourself in similar position before? Maybe! I can loudly imagine you say.

No matter how terrible the night was; the fact remains that it was temporal and had certainly passed away. Sometimes, when faced with well-articulated confusing situations, it looks longer and prolonged than envisaged.

We must know this; the length of the fight does not spell victory or loss; but the giving up. Everyone who made it in life had a challenge on their way to the top, but they all refused to give up.

Stand on your mind’s feet and know this: Whatever you are facing now is temporal:
• The pain is temporal.
• The family crises are temporal.
• The failure is temporal.
• The scandal is temporal.
• The outcome of the betrayal is temporal.
• The illness is temporal.
• The long lasted court case is also temporal.

The only thing that should be permanent is ‘HOPE;’ keep hoping, keep fighting, keep believing, don’t settle for the now, to-come wipes away all tears.

Remember this; beneath every tears lies a sweet taste. A taste that is not sugary, but salty. What this means is that whatever draws your tears is meant to teach you preservation, purity, purposefulness, and preparedness. It is not meant to attract the ants ­— little forces that can give a poisonous and acidic sting. When God created man, He permitted tears as one of the liquid in the human body to teach us to have the salt virtues, especially amid pains.

Hear this; every challenge is a lecturer, you learn not to trust, but only God when betrayed by man severally. You learn faith in affliction, you learn patience in tribulation; whatever life throws at a man carries a lecture note. Never allow your hate for the lecturer to make you fail the lecture.

Some people pass through a circle of repeated struggle because of their attempt to bypass a test. Especially, when the one presenting the exam never informed them of the possible examination.

To this, therefore, man should be ready at all times for surprise may defeat the wisest of all.

Our learning is for us to be better though the learning process may be bitter.

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