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NWANEGBO: My Vision Is To Give Bibles To The Flemish People For Free



Pastor Mike Nwanegbo

Pastor Mike Nwanegbo has spent over 20 years in Europe, 13 of which he used running the affairs of the Redeemed Christian Church God. Becoming member of the church by divine revelation, Nwanegbo rose through the ranks to become the Provincial Pastor and National Coordinator of the church in Belgium, which empowers him to oversee other parishes and branches of the church in Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, among others. The cleric was in Nigeria recently and had chat with CHRIS IREKAMBA.
His journey to Europe
ON getting to Europe, l gave my life to Christ, my parents were not happy because they were expecting me to make money, so that, l can take care of my siblings; but they were disappointed when l surrendered my life to Jesus. They wanted me to make money and support the family, but God had a different plan. He wanted me to go to Bible School, while my intention was to play football. I actually got a team, and played only two and half seasons, then stopped and went to Bible School. Unfortunately, my dad is now late; he would have seen the good things God is doing in my life. But my mum is born again and enjoying the blessing of the Lord. Her orientation towards me has changed.

When did this event take place?
What I am talking about happened in 1992 when l was in Mol Sport, Belgium.
You have been coming from Belgium to your church’s programmes such as Holy Ghost Congress and convention. Why these programmes?

Holy Ghost Congress, as Daddy G.O told us, is a gift that God gave to him. He said that God told him to gather his people together and He would bless them for soul winning. Particularly, the Holy Ghost Congress is done in December; it is majorly for soul winning. We have the Special Holy Ghost, which takes place about March after our long fast in January; that is where God told our Daddy G.O to gather his people with a promise to bless them. We believe that Daddy G.O is a God called prophet.

Convention is when all our churches come together to praise and thank the Lord for what He has done for us, during the programme. We learn and come up with strategies of how to move forward in our ministries. I personally believe that Daddy G.O is a prophet of our season and time and any body that is wise, should key into that. In 1952 God brought this covenant of the Redeemed Church of God and today, we have seen all the promises of God concerning it coming to pass. If 70 per cent has come to pass, obviously the remaining 30 per cent will come to pass. And one has to hold on to the things God has promised.

You talked about setting up a printing press in Nigeria to handle the printing of Bibles and tracts, how is the plan going?
Yes, I have a burden for people of Belgium, that is the country, where God has specifically called me to minister to the people. The mystery of my going to Belgium and the mystery of returning to Belgium after I have convinced myself that God has called me to minister to the people there. Specifically, there is what l may call ‘scarcity of the Bible.’ The people do not understand the word of God because the Bible has not been taught. The Catholic Church tried to do that, but people turned their backs against them. The Bible is not taught in the schools, so they hardly read it. This has made many to follow lslam, Hinduism and Buddhism; you would even see people practicing yoga more. So, God laid it in my heart to flood the place with Bibles, they are literate and they love to read. Whatever you give to the Europeans, they really would want to read it. We have the Bible in the Internet, but how many people go there to download it, hence l want to print Bibles and distribute same free to the people.

So, l came up with this concept of Bible for the Flemish people. My vision is to print five million copies and l want to give them out free to people God has put in my heart to give. I believe distributing these Bibles to the people in their villages something will start from there. For the cost, I might be printing in the country because it is cheaper here.

I welcome anybody or group of people to join me in this project. It is not for financial purposes; we are going to print the Bible and give them for free. My printing press would in future help Christians, who want to print tracts and other Christian literatures, but Bible is our main focus.

Could you tell Nigerians about the prayer summit holding this month in Oguta, Imo State?
It is not a crusade per se; we call it Oguta Prayer Summit or Oguta Prays. The essence is to spur Oguta people to pray. I am going to get all the believers in Oguta to be part of it. We want God’s intervention in the land and we are going to make use of Ofor Nzimiro’s Sanctuary for the three days. Within these three days, we shall be praying for the people, waking them as early as 5am to pray. Imagine when you have 500 people walking round the city praying to the Lord. We are going to have result. We are believing God that everybody will be heading to Oguta in December for this programme.

Why Oguta?
Oh, that is my country home. Oguta is a great land; we have produced great men that have ruled this country, but suddenly it is like Oguta went down. Some policies in our land have to change, segregation has to stop; we should not see some people as freeborn and other as outcast. This can only be possible through prayer. We want to bring the land together, as one and God helping us a lot of people are going to be involved in the prayer summit. We want to do it in such a way that people will be able to attend and also attend other programmes too.

What is your impression about the new government?
My advise for them is to walk in righteousness. When they walk in righteousness they will succeed. I am not a politician, but all we can do is to pray for them. The Lord has advised us to pray for the nation and our leaders. Whoever is my president is the person I am going to honour and pray for.

I don’t care where he comes from. God has chosen him as our president and l have to honour and pray for him.
What about the Nkuzi mobile app you developed to help students pass WAEC and JAMB examinations?
I was able to transfer WAEC and JAMB questions and answers into the app, so that students can study with their phones, instead of playing with it. The purpose is to help poor students sit for JAMB or WAEC and come out in flying colours. I sat for WAEC and JAMB four times and l failed four times, so I know what it is to fail examinations. I have passion for a lot of things, including education. I believe education is the bedrock of our society; the more educated the people are, the better the society will be, especially if they have God as their focus.

My final word is that Nigeria is going to be a great nation, but people should be prepare for Christ because he is coming soon.

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