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Our home beyond the sky

By Prophet O. Azuka
30 May 2021   |   3:15 am
Today’s teaching centres on the hope of believers. At salvation, believers are faced with some harrowing experiences and persecutions from the world.


Today’s teaching centres on the hope of believers. At salvation, believers are faced with some harrowing experiences and persecutions from the world. Some are rejected by their loved ones, while many are denied their legitimate rights, both at home and in the workplace. The question then is, what is the hope of such believers? The question above was answered in our text. Jesus knew assuredly that distractions and probable frustrations would come in the process of heavenly race, hence, the comforting words from Jesus Christ of the hope beyond the sky.

The saints of the old had similar experiences, as encountered today by believers. But because of the hope of glory above, they persevered. Abraham was called out from his land of nativity to a country whose builder and maker is God. He made up his mind to go through whatever befell him, while holding on to eternal life. Abraham was firm about the matters of eternity. He was firm in bringing up his children in the way of the Lord. He ensured his son Isaac did not marry from heathen nation. He made his servant swore to an oath not to get a wife from the heathen nation for his son, Isaac. Christian parents should borrow a leaf from Abraham and instill Christian morals and discipline in their children. This, he did because of eternity.

Heaven is a glorious city. The beauty and glory of heaven is awesome. It is a place to be desired. Whoever misses heaven will cry for all eternity. No sacrifice is too much and no pain is too much to endure for the sake of heaven. However, heaven is not for every Dick, Tom and Harry. It is not for sinners who live and enjoy their sins. Heaven is selective and whoever wants to be there must depart from all sins and iniquities. This calls for self-examination in all facets of life, which covers a wide spectrum, such as avoidance of immoral relationship, sinful business partners, secret and immoral relationship with secretary and staff in the office. The Lord’s instruction to all is to depart from sin!

The desire of God is to ensure that everybody enters heaven. He does not wish that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. God prepared heaven to settle believers and give them rest from all the struggles and problems of the earth. This hope will naturally put a wise Christian on his toes to live righteously and holy, so as not to miss heaven. Every stain should be cleansed and purged because the scrutiny will be very detailed and explicit. Every secret sin must be exposed. There will be no hidden lifestyle over there.

The righteousness that will qualify a Christian for eternity is steadfast righteousness. It is righteousness that does not fear to lose anything on earth. Spotless life is what is required to be with the Lord. Strong determination to pursue after godliness and holy life must be a priority for all believers.

A believer must let go of some of his rights for the sake of heaven. Abraham is an example to believers. He forgone his right and preferred Lot, his cousin, to take the best of the land, so that peace could reign. He chose the least portion because he knew where he was going. But at the end, he was adjudged wiser than Lot! A believer should not struggle for anything with the world, which has nothing to offer. Lose your rights and privileges on earth, but make sure you gain heaven.

Don’t miss heaven! Endeavour to be there. For further reading: 1 Cor. 9:10; 2 Cor. 5:8; Heb. 11:8-10, 13; Gen. 24:5-9; Matt. 24:35; 8:11-12; Luke 13:28-29; Rev. 21:1-5; 22:1-5; 21:10-11, 18-27; Isaiah 52:11; 2 Pt. 3:14; 1 Pt. 1:19; JOB 11:15; John 14:1.
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