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Raising another Levite generation – Part 1


Text: Malachi 2: 4–5;
Numbers 25:1–15

One of the greatest things that can bring about a turnaround in the contemporary world is the emergence of the Levite generation; a people established to operate under the covenant of life and peace. Levi was the third son of Jacob. He was chosen to serve before God. His lineage was to serve God at different capacity. Aaron and his household were to serve as priests. The New Testament teaching revealed that all believers in Christ are now chosen as priests – Royal Priesthood. (1Peter 2:9)
Here are three action steps that established the Levite generation as reformers.


1. Actions that Kindle God’s Anger (Num.25:1-3)
The Levites are not angels; they lived among men. They are part of the people’s errors and excesses. The Israelites sinned against the Lord. First, they were involved in sexual sins. Second, they were accused of idolatry: sacrificing, eating foods dedicated to idols and bowing down to other gods. The contemporary world is not acting differently in actions that provoked God: sexual sins, killings, stealing, unholy alliance, and involving in all manner of rituals and idolatry. The Levites were not exempted; they are part of the sins.

2. Actions of Genuine Repentance (Num.25:6)
The Levites are prompt to respond to God in genuine repentance, when confronted with the reality of sins committed. At a time, Moses returned from the mountain to meet Israelites in the mess of idolatry.


Aaron, the priest actually led them astray. Moses then rebuked the people and simply asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” The Levites were the first to respond, daring the consequences of the action. Again, in the Numbers account being considered here, the Levites were part of the congregation that was genuinely repenting before the Lord with tears. We need this action again, if there will be a transformation in times like this. The repentance must begin in the church. The tears accompanying repentance must not be deceptive but sincere.

3. Actions that Subsides God’s Anger (Num.25: 4,6-8,11-13)
The Levites would not just repent; they initiated concrete actions to right the wrongs. While the congregation of the Israelites was still in tears repenting before the Lord, some of the citizens were still indulging in the shameful acts. The Levites under the leadership of Moses slew their brethren, as they align on the side of the Lord. God demanded the leaders and culprits of the crime be killed and hung in the sun. Phinehas also thrust Zimri and Cozbi with a spear. Can a generation be raised unto us again that will do more than repenting and weeping for sins, but will rise to take actions that will turn away God’s anger from men?

Rev’d Abimbola Ogundare, Pastor, Peaceway Baptist Church,
12/14, Audu Street, Governor Road Ikotun, Lagos State


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