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Restitution part-2


adeboye-rccggBible Passage: Exodus 22:1-13

Introduction: Every true believer will find the urge to restitute irresistible. This is God’s heart cry and it is in our best interest. It brings closure to both offender and victim.
Biblical Accounts

Three major reasons:
Obedience to God’s command, Lev.6: 1-5; Ex.22: 10-13.

To have a clear conscience before God and man, 1 Sam.12: 1-5; Acts 24:16.
It is proof positive of real conversion, Lk.19: 8-9; Ezek.33: 14-16. Biblical examples include Abimelech, Joseph’s brothers, Old Testament kings and prophets, Zacchaeus, and the apostles, Gen.20: 6-9, 14; Gen.50: 15-19; 1 Kgs.20: 34; Neh.5: 11-12; Lk.19: 8-9; Acts 23: 1-5; Philm1: 17-19.


a. We should return things stolen or converted to our own use, but which belongs to another. These include our tithes and first fruits, the non-payment of which the Bible says is robbery and brings a curse on the defaulter, Lev.6: 2-5; Lk.19: 8; Mal.3: 8; Lev.5: 14-16.

b. We should own up and replace things we have destroyed, which belongs to others, Ex.22: 5-6; Ex.21: 18-19.

c. All differences should be settled. The option of reconciliation is always beckoning, but most ignore it, Matt.5: 23-25; Mt.18: 15-17.

d. Both the law of God and man warn us to be careful about what we say and holds us accountable for our words, 2 Sam.16: 5-8; 2 Sam.19: 18-20; Acts 23: 1-5.

e. Marriages: At the best of times, the marriage institution faces many natural and spiritual attacks both by the parties themselves and by third parties. Now, when the foundation of a marriage is faulty, it becomes particularly frail and vulnerable. It gives the enemy a legitimate foothold and entry point to undermine the peace and prosperity of the marriage, Lk.3: 8; Gen.20: 14; Rom.2: 13-16.


Do you have any restitution to make? Pray to God for grace and help to take the right steps. It is quite possible that the only obstacle to your prayers is an outstanding restitution. God may actually be waiting on and for you, while the prince of this world is blinding your eyes and hardening you heart. Please, be just a little bit more sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and less self-conceited in your conduct and attitude and in your world-view. Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost will be your portion. The Holy Spirit will help us all in Jesus name.

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