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Revolution – Part 2

By Matthew Ashuwu
16 October 2016   |   3:04 am
Martin Luther, Mandela, William Wilberforce, Mary Slessor, Idahosa and Nnamdi Azikiwe are world-renowned revolutionaries.


“But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits,” Daniel11: 32.

Martin Luther, Mandela, William Wilberforce, Mary Slessor, Idahosa and Nnamdi Azikiwe are world-renowned revolutionaries.

In the Bible, David, Deborah, Daniel, Moses and Paul in the New Testament remained outstanding revolutionaries of the Bible world.

All these men have something in common: the distilled knowledge of who they are. This is revolution. Revolution is fundamental in the school of revolution.

Revolution is crucial, because success depends on one’s inner resources and not environment. You could call these resources potentials and are usually ignited by revelation. Every sudden and radical change is rooted in a revelation that is driven along the following steps.

This is not ingratitude, undue discontent and unrealisation of phases, sizes and seasons in life, but a revelation realisational of the gap between where you are and where you ought to be in life. It may be personal or of a people oppressed, suppressed and deprived of their freedom or comforts. Recent revolutions in Egypt against President Mubarak and in Libya against the iron hand despot, colonel Muhammed Gadhafi are sufficient illustration.

• ‘Lord, close the wide gap between where I am now and where I ought to be.’ This must be your heart cry for the next one month after this message.
“I have seen servant upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth,” Ecclesiastes 10:7.

What a gap! Princes as servants. This defines the true position of countless Christians, communities and countries in general.

Just imagine a man, who ought to be a doctorate degree holder, now seeking admission as a Jambite, a lady who ought to be having grand children now praying for a life partner; a landlord now struggling with quit notice as a tenant, an employer of labour queuing for interview unsuccessfully, a car owner now begging for transport fare, a lender now borrowing everywhere, a father with a home now squatting and waiting for the uncle’s wife’s food to be ready, a fire brand minister of a thousand congregation struggling with a five member Sunday School class oscillating between two and five members; a world gospel star mixing up music notes in that ghetto assembly, a commander that is being commanded by even visible and invisible; NO! It is an error; this is not your resting place.

I perceive that many people and places, especially this reader that you are far below your God’s ordained destiny and destination. Potentials are being wasted and may never be expressed, except there is a revolution.
There is a book that reveals your real you to you. It is the Bible.

• “Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me, I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart,” Psalm 40:7-8.
King James punctuation of the above is superb and a revelation of some sort: Lo, I come. Wonderful. No man is a biological accident, your book was written before you were born. Your cradle to the grave is graven in it.

It may not make meaning to you, until you know the author of the book – Jesus the Son of God. You can do this now by accepting Him, as your Lord and Saviour.

What the book says about you is a sure revelation that begets a revolution. At least, the book says that you are the head and not the tail; you are a lender and not a borrower, a joyful mother and not barren; you are fruitful and not fruitless, you are rich and not poor, you are healed and not sick, you will have a long life and not die premature, you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people and above only. The book says; the Bible says and God says…

Your opinion is not final. People’s perception and opinion are not final. Only God has the final say. Look for what He says and get set to move. You must move now.

“If you cannot fly, run; if you cannot run walk; if you cannot walk; crawl; by all means keep moving,” Martin Luther King Junior.