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Seven steps to financial stability


Pastor David Adeoye

Text: Luke 15:11-24

Financial illiteracy is the reason for financial instability.

The Prodigal son in the scriptures was very rich at one point and he became very poor at another point.

This is the story of many people; they can be financially buoyant today and broke tomorrow. How does your financial-life graph looks like?

If you are tired of being broke, this is for you.

The difference between financially-buoyant people and broke people is their choices.

Our life is at the mercy of our choices, not at the mercy of chance. The choices you are making today will affect your financial future.

The level of your knowledge about money will determine the quality of choices you make in your finance.

Nobody is born with this kind of knowledge. People learn it and develop it.

If you want to gain financial stability, it is time to declare war against financial illiteracy.

You spend about 16 years in school in order to become a graduate. Nobody teaches us subject about money in those 16 years.

Unfortunately, the society does not teach us what we need to know about money. This is why many of us are victims of financial instability.

You can gain financial stability in an unstable economy if you understand these seven steps.

Seven Steps To Financial Stability

• Avoid Making Hastly Financial Decisions

“He hastety of spirit exposes and exalts his folly” Prov 14:29b (AMP) “haste makes mistakes” Prov 19:2b (NLT)

It is better to slow and be sure, than to be hasty and crash. Don’t allow anybody pressure you into making major financial decision in haste. 

It is better to take your time and ponder over all the options that you have. One poor financial decision can ruin one’s financial destiny.

Take time to rub minds with trusted and experience counselors if need be.

I pray that God will give you Grace to gain financial stability even in this unstable economy.

• Go For Financial Advice Before Any Major Financial Decision

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” Prov 11:14.
To take a major financial decision without proper consultation is not safe. Seek financial counsel from people with proven financial testimonies.

There is nothing you are trying to do that somebody else has not done.

• Ask Yourself Wise And Sincere Question

Be sincere to yourself as you ask yourself sincere questions and give yourself sincere answers.

The restoration of the prodigal son started from the moment he asked himself sincere questions (Luke 15:17).

Self-deception is the most dangerous form of deceptions.

People who deceive themselves are more liable to self-destruction.

• Open Up More Streams Of Income In Your Life

Most financially stable people are people of multiple streams of income.

When you have more than one reliable source of income you can checkmate financial instability.

• Avoid Wasteful Lifestyle

Read Luke 15:13-14.

“There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up” Prov 21:20KJV

Michael Tyson at 30 has made about three hundred million dollars and bankrupt.

Your financial stability is not only determined by how much money you make, but how well you manage what you make.

No matter how much you make, if you don’t check wasteful lifestyle, you will still end up financially unstable.

• Avoid Unhealthy Freedom

The prodigal son’s journey to a far country gave him unhealthy freedom.

Sometimes you deliberately disallow yourself from having easy access to cash.

They say, “ultimate power destroys ultimately.” Make yourself accountable deliberately, in order to check abuse of freedom.

• Repent (Luke 15:20).  I didn’t say CONFESS. I am saying REPENT. To REPENT is to turn from negative way.

If you have lived an irresponsible life in the past, it is time to repent. If you turn from your negative ways, God will return to you and restore you (2chron 7:14; Prov 28:13).

I pray that God will give you Grace to follow these profitable teachings.

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