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Telling others about your parent’s weakness


Charles Ighele

The story I am about to tell here has happened to many people, to the extent that I find it difficult from whom to take permission before bringing it to public domain. Anyone reading this article should, therefore, not think that it is his or her information I am using, without permission. Such people should, therefore, not be offended. My aim in today’s write-up is to help young people avoid what can bring harm or shame to their lives in future.

Some years ago, a young girl wanted to have her bath in a washroom. The whole family of over seven people shared one bathroom and one toilet. On that particular day, this girl wanted to have her bath, not knowing someone was already in the bathroom. Somehow, the person inside did not lock the washroom door. Thinking that no one was inside, the girl pushed the door open and behold, she came face to face with a man, who was stark naked. It was her father. She closed the door and hurriedly left. Later that day, when she was with her friend, she told how she saw her dad completely naked in the bathroom. But her audience seemed more embarrassed than her. Many years later, this lady got married. It was an elaborate wedding and she had children.

From what happened, one cannot tell why she decided to dress the way she did on a particular day. But there she was in public. Before she knew what was happening, her dress, which she tightened on her shoulders and chest, fell to the ground and she was completely naked. No bra, no undies, no nothing. She was hurriedly covered and ferried away by some good people. But not after many eyes had seen her nakedness.

From my knowledge, it is as if things like this or similar things keep happening to people, who let other people know about their parent’s nakedness. Genesis 9:21-27 tells us a similar story. Verse 21 tells us that Noah misbehaved and got drunk, which got him into a deep sleep. He slept completely naked in his room. Verse 22 says that when one of his sons entered the room and saw his father probably snoring and completely naked, instead of him to keep it as a secret and quietly see to covering his father’s nakedness, he advertised it to his two brothers. What the two brothers did is what any responsible child should do. They took a dress “went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, such that they did not see their father’s nakedness.” The Bible does not explain how Noah knew that his middle son advertised his nakedness, while his first son and last-born covered his nakedness. But the Bible says that he “knew what his younger son had done unto him.”

In verse 25, he placed a curse on this particular son’s generations with the words, “a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.” He, however, blessed the generations of his other two sons. The lesson here is that children are supposed to find solutions to their parents’ weaknesses or misbehavior, and not announce it. In life, it is what a person sows that he/she reaps. The Bible tells all children to “honour your father and mother… that life may go well with you and that you will live long on earth.” Any child with common sense should, therefore, not joke with the honour and respect they should give to their parents. Love you.

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Bishop Charles Ighele
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