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Testimony of a transformed life


Abimbola A. Ogundare

We received a testimony of a man who changed from worse to better; a man with a miserable experience who latter sang doxology. He was known to be a citizen of Gerasenes – some locations at the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. This man was overpowered by demonic manipulations and forced to have his habitation in the grave. He was popularly known in the region for his insanity and was rated high among the people with a mental disorder until he encountered Jesus Christ, Who did the impossible in his life.

Attention was drawn to the storyline of the ‘madman of Gerasenes,’ as he is popularly called, because we could vividly capture the picture of so many great people including you, created for notable impact, who are being manipulated to waste away without fulfilling their mandate.

The Cemetery Lifestyle (vs. 2 – 3, 5)
The man couldn’t live in any comfortable apartment except in the tombs. Night and day, he maintains his daily routine in the tombs and takes siesta on the mountains. Often times, he is found screaming and inflicting untold injury on himself. This is a reflection of disorganised schizophrenia and self-harm complex. Alas, millions of people are roaming the street today with a disorganised life; living without focus in life. In an attempt to secure powers and money at all cost, many people are abandoning homes for the grave. What a shame!

The Uncultured Lifestyle (vs. 3 – 4)
The country people of the madman in their capacity had tried helping this man, but all their efforts proved abortive. They offered him chains and shackles for his hands and feet, but the man seems unrestrained. He wrenched apart the chains and broke the shackles into pieces. Truly, parents tried to tame their children; school authority their students; masters their apprentices; government her citizens; and religious leaders their followers. But it seems all efforts are not yielding required results; people are becoming uncontrollable, breaking all chains of laws, policies and other taming measures. This is basically the reason for the wild living across the globe, the untamed populace!

The Transformed Life (vs. 15, 20)
As Jesus passed through the region, He encountered the man and his story changed.

What parents and other relatives couldn’t achieve, Jesus Christ did for the man. Jesus will not use the same approach; no chains, no shackles but the madman was restored to sanity. His countrymen saw him at Jesus’ feet clothed and in his right mind, becoming a renowned Evangelist. What a transformation!

I challenge you today to surrender to Jesus Christ. He can transform your life, so that you can fulfil your mandate. Parents and other leaders should handover their wards and followers unto Him for transformation.
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