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The evil collector – Part 4


Text: Joshua 17:13-14
One way the evil collectors collect their dues could be in the form of strange illness in a family, especially a particular sickness that leads to death. It could be that the family members are paying for what their parents did. If you discover that in your family, everyone is dying from a particular sickness such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension or the older ones die without going beyond a particular age, it could be that dues are being paid to evil collectors. I remember the story of a woman in U.S.A. whose grandmother died of cancer of the breast. She noticed that when female members of her family gets to 40-45 years, they die of the disease. When she got to 35 years, she surgically removed her breasts in a bid to avoid the disease. Surprisingly, she ended up having cancer of the rectum. This occurred because she did not tackle the matter spiritually, but relied only on medical operations.

Evil collectors can collect their dues in the form of accidents, which could result in paralysis or death. In 2 Sam. 3:28-29, David placed a curse on Joab for killing Abner and here, we see the result shows the calamities that would befall Joab and his descendants. There was the story of an Igbe (marine worshipper) priestess, whose hen was stolen and for three days, she publicly announced that the thief should return the hen. The thief had already eaten the hen and refused to come out and confess. The embittered woman then pronounced a curse on the thief and his descendants, including his relatives that none would cross the age of 40. The curse took effect when the thief clocked 40 and the evil collectors then started collecting their dues of untimely death from his family members. This continued until one of his descendants, specifically a grandson in the linage, aged 39 cried to God to reveal the secret of their predicament. By the time they got to know the secret of their predicament, both the one who stole the hen and the Igbe worshipper were dead. The grandson had to go and make restitution to the priestess’s family in monetary equivalent before he and his family members were delivered. That is why in the place of deliverance, restitution is important.


You cannot keep a stolen commodity and expect deliverance from your past sin to take place. If you cannot locate the owner, you can submit it to a church or give it to an orphanage.

Again, the evil collector could manifest in the form of miscarriages. If you discover that every time you get pregnant, you suffer miscarriage; then it is not normal. This is especially so, if you have a particular dream at the point when you are pregnant and you see things like red objects, someone coming to hit your stomach, pounding something in a mortar or being involved in strenuous activities that drain all your strength and this leads to a miscarriage in the dream, it could be work of evil collectors. There is a story of a sister, who was under the siege of witchcraft attack and was unaware that her best friend was behind it. Whenever she was pregnant, during the first trimester, she would see in her dream, a cow with two large horns hitting her tummy. When she woke up in the morning, she would experience a miscarriage. This continued for a long period and she ended up losing eight pregnancies. She had a best friend, who was also her prayer partner and she shared all her secrets with her. But unknown to her, the friend was the one behind her problems. She got tired one day and embarked on daily personal warfare prayers, “calling the rock of ages to fight for her.” After a while, she took in again and as usual told her friend, who held her hands and prayed that she would not lose this pregnancy. She even decreed that whosoever was responsible for the previous miscarriages should die. That same night, she had the same dream and immediately the cow appeared and wanted to attack her, she became paralysed and helpless. Suddenly, she remembered and shouted “rock of ages fight for me.” Immediately, a rock appeared and stood before her and as the cow made an attempt to attack her, it broke its head and the horns.

She woke up and for the first time, she didn’t bleed. In the morning, she went to the friend’s house to share the good news with her, but was told that the friend was dead and that she fell and broke her neck in the night. It then dawned on her that her best friend and prayer partner was responsible for her problem.

I pray for you that every circle in your life that is making the enemy to come and collect precious things from you comes to an end today in Jesus’ name, Amen.
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