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The mystery of altars – Part 2


Rev. Theodore Effiong

Whenever God reveals Himself to you, you are meant to raise an altar there. Whenever God speaks to you in the dream or otherwise presenting gifts, blessings and favour, you need to secure those blessings by going straight to your established altar or raising an altar there at that spot and sealing the revelation with a sacrificial offering. You can sacrifice your money as a vow, your time, your food, your worship, etc. But for goodness sake, do something. Do not just allow that sacred visitation to pass by without maximising the purpose of such a visitation. So, it is not a physical altar.

When God’s angel revealed himself unto Manoah and her husband, Sampson’s parents, they did not waste time to raise an altar and offer a sacrifice: (Jud. 13:19). Gideon did likewise when he had an angelic encounter. He said to the angel: “Depart not hence, I pray thee, until I come unto thee and bring forth my present, and set it before thee.” (Judges 6:18a).

Altars As Fountains Of Power
Jesus our forerunner went every morning to His established place of prayer in the Mount of Olives. That was His personal altar. As a result of daily visitation at His altar, He experienced constant open heavens (Mk.1:35).


In the history of mankind, He stands out as the most significant Personality of all times. His secret was that He drew power and strength daily from His personal altar. No man is greater than the altar that he is connected to.You too need to raise up your own altar that is connected to the Lamb’s altar in Heaven where you run to daily to draw strength.

Altars Act As Control Towers And Transmitting Stations
And the whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled together at SHILOH, and set up the tabernacle of the congregation there. AND THE LAND WAS SUBDUED BEFORE THEM (Josh.18:1).

When God’s altar was raised at Shiloh, the end result of that was that the entire land was subdued before them. Because altars, act as control towers, Moses built an altar in the top of the hill when fighting against Amalek (Exo. 17:15).It was in that same hill with the help of Aaron and Hur that he lifted up his hands unto the Lord, while in the valley Joshua and his troops slew Amalek with the edge of the sword. The altar of prayer he raised became the control tower for the victory below for Joshua and his troops.

When Noah came down from the ark, he built an altar unto the Lord, and offered sacrifices and the Lord smelled a sweet savour. The odour of that sacrifice transmitted appeasement and a stay of any further judgment by flooding on future generations. Just as the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary transmits mercy, when altars of prayer are raised, incense goes into the atmosphere: “…And there was given unto him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all saint…And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God…” (Rev. 8:3-4).

These odours released into the atmosphere fumigate the environment from demonic entities. They make the environment uncondusive for demons to dwell therein. “Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice,” (Psalm 141:2).There is a very intriguing scripture I want us to consider now: “The king of Moab took his oldest son who would have been the next king, and sacrificed him as a burnt offering on the wall. So there was anger against Israel, and the Israelites withdrew and returned to their own land.” (2Kings 3:26-27) N.L.T


The Moabites worshipped Molech amongst other gods. Molech required the first born son or daughters from its worshippers. The king of Moab was simply enacting and fulfilling this requirement. As a result of this sacrifice, which he did on the wall i.e., in full view of, and facing the oncoming armies of Israel, great indignation was released against Israel so much so they were forced to withdraw. Israel was smitten. He raised an altar that transmitted Judgment against his enemies.

Israel could not withstand the satanic attack released from this diabolical altar. Why? Because one man offered a higher sacrifice to the devil than what an entire nation were prepared to do. Are you aware that the spirit realm is open to the highest bidder? Any altar that transmits dominance takes control.

What are you doing about it? I challenge you to raise up a formidable altar unto the Lord that will transmit God’s glory and fear over your locality. Raise up a formidable altar that will enable the Church of Jesus Christ take control and be in the lead politically, financially and otherwise.
Rev. Theodore Effiong
Assemblies of God Church, Calabar
Or Prayer To All Nations (PTAN),
Prayer City, Calabar. CRS
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