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The names of Jesus in the book of Revelation – Part 31


Emeritus Prof. Mercy Olumide

(2) “He leads me beside the still waters” (Ps 23:2), of His Holy Spirit (see Psalm 1:3; cf. Jer 2:13; John 7:37-39). Lie down. For flocks lying down in contented and secure rest see Isa 14:30; 17:2; Jer 33:12; Ezek 34:14-15; Zep 2:7; 3:13. Green pastures. Metaphor for all that makes life to flourish (see Ezek 34:14; Jn 10:9). leads me. Like a shepherd (see Isa 40:11). still waters. Lit. “waters of resting places,” i.e., restful waters—waters that provide refreshment and well-being (see Isa 49:10).

When we allow God our Shepherd to guide us, we have contentment. When we choose to sin, however, we go our own way and cannot blame God for the environment we create for ourselves. Our shepherd knows the “green pastures” and “still waters” that will restore us. We will reach these places only by following him obediently. Rebelling against the Shepherd’s leading is actually rebelling against our own best interests. We must remember this the next time we are tempted to go our own way rather than the Shepherd’s way.

“He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.” (Ps 23:3)
Restores my soul. Revives me, refreshes my spirit (see 19:7; Rut 4:15; Prov 25:13; Lam 1:16). guides me in paths of righteousness. As a shepherd leads his sheep (see 77:20; 78:72) in paths that offer safety and well-being, so David’s Shepherd-king guides him in ways that cause him to be secure and prosperous. For this meaning of “righteousness” see Pr 8:18 (“prosperity”); 21:21 (“prosperity”); Isa 48:18; see also Prov 8:20-21. It is possible that “paths of righteousness” intentionally bears a double meaning, namely that it also refers to paths that conform the psalmist’s life to God’s moral will (cf. Prov 4:11).


When I become discouraged (42: 11), the Good Shepherd revives and re-energises my soul through His power and grace (Prov 25:13). “He leads me” by the Spirit of God (Rom 8:14) in His chosen paths, ones that conforms to His way of holiness (cf. Rom 8:5-14). My response is obedience: I follow the Shepherd and hear His voice (John 10:3-4); I will not follow “the voice of strangers” (John l0:5). for his name’s sake. The prosperity of the Lord’s servant brings honour to the Lord’s name (see 1 Kings 8:41-42; Isa 48:9; Jer 12:21; Eze 20:9, 14,22).

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” (Ps 23:4)
Death casts a frightening shadow over us because we are entirely helpless in its presence. We can struggle with other enemies—pain, suffering, disease, injury—but strength and courage cannot overcome death. It has the final word. Only one person can walk with us through death’s dark valley and bring us safely to the other side—the God of life, our Shepherd. Because life is uncertain, we should follow this Shepherd who offers us eternal comfort.

“You are with me.” In times of danger, difficulty and even death, I fear no evil.Why fear no evil? “For You are with me” in every situation of life (See Ps 16:8; see also Deut 31:6,8; Mat 28:20. cf. Mat 28:20). rod. Instrument of authority (as in 2:9; 45:6; Exod 21:20; 2 Sam 7:14; Job 9:34); used also by shepherds for counting, guiding, rescuing and protecting sheep (see Lev 27:32; Eze 20:37).
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