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The pasture God provides



The Lord is our Shepherd. This is truth the Psalmist revealed to us in Psalm 23:1. If the Lord is our Shepherd, then we are the sheep of His Pasture; those of us that have committed our lives into His able hands/care. (Psa. 100:3). Between the Shepherd and His Sheep, three things are crucial, namely the Pen, Protection and the Pasture. It is the third that we shall focus on briefly in this message before we pray. If we are His sheep, we are the sheep in His pen, under His protection and the sheep of His pasture, just as the Psalmist says in our today’s passage. But what kind of pasture does the Lord provide for His sheep?

• Divine Pasture
A good look into the scripture will reveal at least five characteristics of the Pasture the Lord provides for His own sheep. These are:


• Good Pasture
In Ezekiel 34:14, God promises to provide for His people good pasture and every child of God (the spiritual Israel) can appropriate same to his or her life. One main idea of a good pasture in the mind of a shepherd would be a pasture from which both nutrients and nutriments could be derived without fear of poisonous herbs. God’s Word is God’s pasture and the Psalmist says, “Thy Word is very pure.”(Psa 119:140, Psa 12:6) The words of men might be helpful, but God’s Word is essence. God provides good pastures.

• Large Pasture
According to Isaiah 30:23, God provides large pastures. In God’s Word, we find everything necessary for the soul’s real good. (2Tim. 3:16-17) God’s Word is large/wide as the needs of the human heart, large enough to meet all your needs. Every promise from Genesis to Revelation belongs to the believer and there is no need of man, which does not have its corresponding supply in the promises of God.
• Green Pasture
This is well mentioned in Psalm 23:2; God provides green pastures. He makes us lie down in green pastures or “pastures of tender grass” as someone renders it, “springing grass.” Without any doubt, the idea is that of freshness, not stale. God’s Word is fresh every day and God delights to feed us with fresh pasture. Fresh pasture is available and the Holy Spirit wants to nourish our souls by means of it. Get fresh food daily.

• Rich/Fat Pasture
This is also found in Eze. 34:14. Those who have the charge of sheep may sometimes say a piece of land has no rich pasture. Unfortunately, some Christians sometimes say they find their Bible lifeless, though they read them regularly, but get no good from them. It is possible to read chapter after chapter without blessing, but we must be prepared to apply all aspects to our lives. Both the sweet and the bitter aspects form the richness. We must consume all to enjoy the fat pasture that will abundantly satisfy. (Psa 36:8)

• Pasture In High Places
In our year of Divine Lifting, let us note that God provides pasture in high places (Isa 49:9). This same idea is expressed in Ezekiel 34:13-14. We can expect the Lord to feed us in high places.


The Pasture God provides is unique. It is good, large, green, and rich and provided in high places. As you feed on God’s Word, expect the riches, the goodness, the freshness, largeness of God’s blessings and in high places.
Rev. Dr Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.

But the mere letter of the Word will profit little; it is only as Christ the living Word, in whom all fullness dwells, is seen and appropriated through the written Word, that the need of the human heart and the infinite fullness of God are brought together. Expect divine fullness and fulfilment the second half of the year. Shalom.
Rev. Dr Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.
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