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The rotten church – Part 2


In this 21st century, the church is dying day by day, because we are in a generation that does not like good things to happen to others. Envious people and backbiters are living and operating from inside the church to the outside world. How many pastors will agree that another pastor preaches better than himself or herself? Today’s church is selfish, not seeing anything good in others, and the earlier such acts stop the better.

If not, we’ll pray for year without answers. God is not deceived. He said to them through Apostle Paul, ‘when you are in this act, you ought to repent, instead you are puffing off; you derive joy in such act, even the people who are supposed to address the matter are also involved in the act.’ That’s why in churches today we have different cartels. Don’t be deceived; that’s the demon operating in the church, and it is the devil’s strategy to scatter the church. You’ll see all manner of wickedness in the highest order in the church.


I was preaching on Holy Ghost baptism in Delta State and the Holy Ghost took over a particular sister. As she was speaking in tongues and staggering, she mistakenly stepped on another sister. This other sister got so angry and wanted to revenge, but she noticed that I was watching. She pretended to also be in the spirit, spoke in tongues, staggered to where the first sister was standing and stepped on her in return. All this happened inside the church, and I said to myself, ‘the church is gradually dying.’

There are churches in every nook and cranny of Lagos, but the more churches there are, the more crime increases. These days, you’ll see pastors telling their members that are into fraud to bring their laptops for anointing, as if fraud is no more a crime. Gone are the days when pastors asked to confirm the job of a young man/woman, when he brings his tithe. Instead, the pastor will bless her tithe, thereby praying for more men to come to her, if she is a prostitute. What is the church turning into?


The church has failed the Creator. The church has derailed, and we have missed the track. That’s why so many things are happening in the nation and no man of God is talking because they all have skeletons in their cupboards. I pray that God delivers the church from the evil ones in Jesus name. Today, salvation is no longer key. People are running after prophecy and no prophecy is greater than God’s Word. In fact, the word of God itself is prophecy. If you can key into the word of God, you’ll get everything you ever wanted: healing, deliverance, uplifting, marriage and fruit of the womb, among others.

Now, pastors go as far as consulting native doctors, because they want to prophesy to their members; all for money. Have you ever heard or seen where a person is buried with his or her money? People are no longer afraid of God; they can do anything in the church.


The Rotten Church. Paul said instead of you to repent, you are proud of this bad act. I’m not saying I’m holy or righteous, because falling into sin doesn’t make you a sinner. What makes you a sinner is what Paul was lamenting “puffing up, deriving joy, boasting in sinful act, that is when you become a sinner.

Today, the love of money has taken over. I’m opportune to sit with pastors, and when they are together, all they boast about is how many houses and cars they have. In those days, it used to be how many people were led to Christ. The Bible says Peter preached and 3000 people gave their lives to God. It didn’t say 3000 people became millionaires. And that’s why people are falling into wrong hands, as they need quick money. Even gambling is no longer a sin. But prosperity is by a process. Don’t look for cheap wealth. You don’t wake up and become rich suddenly. If you want to prosper, go and work. Do something good with your hands. Gone are the days manna fell from heaven. The Bible says whatsoever you lay your hands upon shall prosper.

God bless you.
Bishop Dr. Chidi Anthony, Kings In Christ Power Ministries.
17, Jubilee Close, Off Taiwo Street, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.


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