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Week 8: Do not draw back


Bishop Francis Wale Oke

The birth of Pharez and Zarah holds a vital lesson for us. They were a set of twins born by the same mother. While their mother was in labour and the midwife was attending to her, Zarah pushed out his hand. The midwife quickly tied a scarlet thread round his hand, proclaiming that he was born first.

As the labour progressed, Zarah withdrew his hand.His brother Pharez didn’t just put out his hand, rather, he put out his head, and came out of the womb, being born before his brother that had been earlier proclaimed first born. Pharez proved ‘the experts’ wrong. He broke forth and took the first place, before his brother who had been earlier termed the first.

Had Zarah not withdraw his hands, he would have been the first-born and the genealogy would have been recorded in his favour. He would have been in the direct lineage of Christ, a position his brother Pharez took by coming out of the womb first.

In life opportunities for service and for greatness will come your way. Do not be a Zarah. Do not withdraw your hand. Do not draw back so that the first would not become the last. No matter the situation, press on courageously, with the assignment, the task in hand and bring it to a glorious conclusion. We are not of them who draw back unto perdition, but of them who believe to the saving of our souls (Hebrews 10:39).

In life, there are people who would behave like Zarah. People like Demas, who forsook the Apostle Paul, Gehazi who lied to take stuff from Naman the leper, Saul the king who lost his crown. Position yourself like Pharez. Someone messing up may be God’s opportunity for you to rise and shine. Take maximum advantage of every opportunity God brings your way. You will break forth into greatness this year. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


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