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When a lady thinks she is not beautiful enough


Charles Ighele

Some years ago, a young undergraduate wanted to see me after a Sunday service. When we got talking, she told me that she is not beautiful enough.

Right there and then, I beckoned to my wife, Carol to come over and the first thing Carol said was, “you are very beautiful.” Carol had no idea of what we were talking about before she said that.

I then told Carol that I had been battling with her for some time to make her know that she was beautiful and I called her to help me talk to her.


I have discovered that this is the problem of many females— single and married. They think they are not beautiful enough and this makes many of them not to enjoy life the way they should.

Some young girls who think they are not beautiful enough have tried to make themselves accepted to men by fornicating around with as many males as come their way, because they think they are not beautiful enough to attract a quality male.

A lady who thinks that she is not beautiful enough unknowingly carries about with her that negative unseen energy that drives away good suitors and frustrates good husbands (that is, if the lady is already married). Sometime ago, a man had to break his engagement to a young lady.

His reason was that the lady thought she is not beautiful enough despite assurances from the man that he loves her the way she is and that she is beautiful.

The negative spiritual energy the lady emitted was too much for this positive-minded young man to cope with. He did not want to build his marital life on “Self-pity Street.”

On the other hand, Carol and I were talking about a lady who got married some years ago, who by human standard can never be said to be beautiful.

People wondered why such a good-looking young professional should pick such a girl as wife.

But the girl was so confident of herself and her ability to be a good wife. Apart from that, she had what I will call “beauty of the spirit.”

Those who felt the lady was ugly now started praising the young man that he had struck gold.


This reminds me of what a Bishop said sometime ago. This Bishop will not ordinarily use the word ugly to describe anybody. But he could not help it as far as a particular lady was concerned.

He said the lady was so ugly that when she came to him for prayers to have a husband, he could hardly pray because he felt no man would come. But the lady was so full of confidence and determination.

Apart from being said to be ugly, she was about forty-eight years old.

These two factors (her age and lack of physical beauty) are enough to kill the subduing spirit in many people; but not this lady. Her faith was intact and bigger than her physical and age disadvantage.

One day, a very highly placed professional, who had lost his wife and wanted a sweet spirited lady as his life partner proposed and married her.

This man saw in her “a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of a great prize” 1 peter 3:4. He saw in her “beauty of the spirit,” which overshadowed the so-called ugliness others saw.

Stop telling yourself that you are not beautiful enough.

Instead, look in the mirror, and keep releasing positive energy and keep saying “I dey kampe.” Love you.

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