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Why Nigerian leaders must go for leadership training, by Adeyemi


The Excellence in Leadership Conference 2017 organised by Daystar Christian Centre has come and gone, but the key issues discussed at the event by various speakers are still fresh in the mind of participants. The host pastor, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, who briefed the press shortly after the event, explained what prompted him to organise the yearly programme.

He said: “Fifteen years ago, we started a leadership school called The Daystar Leadership Academy, where we teach leadership because we found out that leadership is a skill, which can be learned. All over the world now, they offer degree programmes in leadership to doctorate level. So, we began to teach people on leadership and we’ve trained about 37, 000 people in our school. The organisations, where our students work tell us that they are usually the best there. Why? Because they have been taught leadership.”

The cleric, who lamented that the country is facing leadership problem, called on Federal Government to include leadership in the country’s education system.


“And the big question is: where are our leadership schools, who taught our leaders to lead, where is it in our curriculum or in our education system,” he queried.

Adeyemi blamed Nigerian elite and the ruling class for impoverishing the country, saying they have used their political power to channel economic resources to better only themselves and their cronies.

Some of the participants shared their experiences with The Guardian.

Jegede Oluwaseyi said: “I have learnt through this conference the need to improve my leadership skills. I’ve also learned that leadership is about taking responsibility and being in control of any situation even in the society. One should not be blaming government every time things go wrong because we are the government and our contribution is very essential.”

“By attending Excellence in Leadership Conference, I am energised to do what God has called me to do,” said, Ify Ezeobidi, adding, “It doesn’t matter where you found yourself, because the words that are spoken into our lives are enough to achieve God’s purpose for ourselves, as well as empower other people. I gained spiritually, physically and intellectually. I was here last year; I am here again this year and next year by God’s grace I’m going to be here, because it’s inspirational and it helps me a lot.

“I will put so many things in place, even when dealing with my children. Now, I have to enlist them because in the next six years, my daughter who is 12 will be eligible to vote. So, what I’m impacting into her about Nigeria and so on. I have to begin with my children then to the youths around. I still have my character flaws, which I have to work on to be a woman of integrity, a woman that can be held by her word; a woman that can be trusted. A lot has been said here that really have to do with where I am going.”

Richard Aigbe said: “It’s all about capacity building and how we need to positively influence other people in society. So, I learnt that God has deposited so much potential in us and we need to develop and put them to use for every one’s benefit, especially the nation. This is going to help people like us who organise seminars and workshops.”

For Gbemiga August, “It’s been inspirational, as the information I gathered from the speakers have energised my spirit and I am better informed now. I’m ready to go into the world and impact others. I learnt from the leadership aspect that whatever we do, we should take the lead and impact people. This means I should be a role model wherever I find myself and allow the spirit of excellence to guide me in whatever I do.”

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