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You shall have help

By Israel Kristilere
15 March 2020   |   4:02 am
One thing we all need in life is HELP. No matter how high you are, you need help and no matter how low you are, you also need help.

Text: 1 Sam. 11:1-9.

One thing we all need in life is HELP. No matter how high you are, you need help and no matter how low you are, you also need help. It could be very demoralising, when you are in a state in which you need help, but you have no help. God’s message to you, today, is clear and simple: you shall have help. (1 Sam. 11:9) I don’t know who says your case is hopeless or helpless, but the Lord says you shall have help. I see God sending you help from the Sanctuary today. (Psalm 20:2)

(A) THE STORY OF JABESH GILEAD: 1 Samuel 11:1-9.
In the biblical passage above, we find the account of how Nahash, the Ammonite came up and encamped against Jabesh Gilead. Out of fear, the people of Jabesh Gilead were willing to make covenant of servitude with their enemy. But the enemy would only agree to a covenant that would pull out the right eyes of everyone in Jabesh Gilead, thereby bringing them unto reproach. (vs2) The right eye is the eye of faith. The enemy wanted to disable them for war, when the right eye was of most use. Warriors usually carry their shields with their left hands, which to an extent cover their left eyes. They are then left with their right eyes for battle. It was a design to disable them for battle. Also, the enemy proposes to leave them one-eyed, so that they might be fit to serve in any mean and base office. Such is the enemy’s strategy. The helpless men of Jabesh Gilead then sent messengers to Gibeah of Saul and sought assistance. But the people of Gibeah, realising their incapability also, burst into tears and wept loudly.(vs4) When Saul heard the people’s cry, the Spirit of God came upon him and  there was a holy anger in him that turned things around. (vs5-6) May the Holy Spirit intervene in your state of helplessness today. Saul then called for men of Israel and Judah to join him for the battle and many people responded. The Bible says three hundred thousand men of Israel and thirty thousand men of Judah gathered to join Saul for the Battle. (vs. 8) Those who say you have no man will soon see your crowd appearing. Amen. Then, the message was sent to the helpless men of Jabesh Gilead, “tomorrow, by the time the sun is hot, you shall have help”(vs.9) May this word come to pass in your life today.

From this passage, let us take note of five things.
1. Every man, no matter how strong or powerful, will always come to a state, where he needs help. No man can survive without help. No man can do it alone.
2. Not all men you turn to can help, will help or be willing to help you. Some are willing, but are not capable. Some are capable, but are not willing.
3. You need divine guidance in locating your God sent help/helpers for your life. May you locate your help/helper.
4. God is the only unfailing, constant, reliable and dependable help/helper that you have. (2 Kings 6:26-27) God is the true help you can have.
5. Today, God says, “you shall have HELP.” And I mean you. So, cheer up, brace up, sit up, come up and stand up, for you shall have help. It is immaterial how long you have been helpless, hopeless or clueless about the way out. The Lord says, you shall have help. So, get ready to come to Him for your help.

You shall have help. You may ask, “what kind of help?” The Hebrew word employed here is “tesh-oo-aw,” which can be interpreted as rescue, deliverance, help, safety, salvation or victory. It speaks of salvation/deliverance, usually by God through human agency. Therefore, you shall have help: Spiritual help, Physical help, Divine help, Human help, Financial help, Business help, Academic help, Legal help, Marital help, Medical help, etc. Because God is at work. I see your destiny helpers responding to your cause. You shall have help; the help you need, timely help, accurate help and commensurate help. Your help cometh (Psa. 121:1-2) Believe it, pray it, expect it, and you will experience it and you will testify. Shalom.

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