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It’s the lord’s doing

By Pastor Lazarus Muoka
22 November 2020   |   4:14 am
Brother Stanley Ogbonna, who joined The Lord’s Chosen two weeks ago, hails from Ohazara, Ebonyi State is thanking God for using our G.O to restore his life.

Cross section of participants during the programme

By Divine Intervention Man Narrowly Escapes Using Son For Money Ritual
Brother Stanley Ogbonna, who joined The Lord’s Chosen two weeks ago, hails from Ohazara, Ebonyi State is thanking God for using our G.O to restore his life. In his testimony, he said he was indebted to a court and they came after him. Due to financial difficulties, he decided to use his son for money ritual. After discussing with his friend, he concluded in his mind that he was going to do it. The little boy standing beside him is his son and his name is ‘Delight of God.’ In his house, he has Chosen cable and that is his son’s favourite and each time our G.O is ministering on the television, he would always rush to the front of the television and say, “this is me.” Brother Stanley said the very night he decided to use his son for ritual, the angel of our G.O appeared to him in the dream, and there was an evil woman standing behind him in that dream. Our G.O pointed a finger at her and said, “you daughter of wickedness I rebuke you” and immediately the woman fell down and died.

The angel of our Pastor beckoned to him to come, but he refused and held unto his son firmly. Our G.O moved his hand and two male giants in suit appeared and dragged him to the angel of our Pastor. The angel of Pastor told him that nothing would happen to both him and his son. He also told him to prepare and meet him in Lagos. When he woke up, he realised it was a dream and his television was on with the Chosen Channel.

He concluded that the attack was coming from the T.V. So, he went and switched off the television. When it was day break, he went and met with his friend, so that they could carry on with their plans, but while inside the bus coming back from the meeting, the angel of the Pastor appeared to him again and told him, “you are a stubborn man,” and asked him to go to a particular place, where they would give him money, so that he could take his family to Lagos. After making that statement, Brother Stanley said he turned around and couldn’t see the angel again. When he got home, he started asking himself what he did to this man (referring to the angel of our G.O). That night, he told his wife about his plans of using their son for ritual. She shouted at him, and Brother Stanley quickly interjected and told her that wasn’t his major concern. He explained that his concern was that the Pastor of ‘The Lord’s Chosen’ was appearing to him every now and then, and his wife said to him, “now you are in trouble.” He told her that the angel was sending him to a particular place to collect money and come to Lagos with his entire family. He told his wife he did not want to go and start asking money from a fellow-man. His wife asked him to obey for the sake of his life.

He finally obeyed, and on getting to the place, he said he met a young man after that day’s the service and told him that God sent him to come and collect money from him, so that he could go to Lagos with his family for a programme. The young man asked, “him how much?” Brother Stanley said he felt after telling his story, the young man would tell him there was no money. Surprisingly, however, after he mentioned the sum of N20, 000, the young man told him he had N16, 000 in his account; that he was going to withdraw it and give to him. The young man told him to go home, that he would meet him at home with the money. “But you don’t know my house,” said Brother Stanley. The young man insisted that he shouldn’t worry, that he was coming to his house to give him the money. When he left, he started telling his wife, “I told you I don’t want to come here and now I am here and no money was given to me.” The young man asked him to come back and he went. He requested for Brother Stanley’s number, which he gave him. Not more than 20 minutes after he got home, the young man called him and asked him to come and meet him at a particular place. When he got to the place, he saw the young man in a Jeep, wearing suit and the person beside him was also putting on suit.

The young man handed him the sum of N12, 000 and apologised to him that he didn’t know he had overdrawn his account balance to the sum he just gave to him. Brother Stanley thanked him and left. When he got home, he refused to tell his wife that he had received the money, because he didn’t want to go to Lagos. He spent the money. The next day, he ran into the young man, who said, “Stanley, why didn’t you travel to Lagos?” He replied that the money was not enough for him and his family to go to Lagos. The young man now asked how much he would need to travel to Lagos with his family, so that he would complete it for him. Brother Stanley told him that he had already spent the N12, 000 he gave to him. The young man said no problem. Later, he called him again and told him to meet him at a particular place. As he got there, he gave him another sum of N16, 000 to take his family to Lagos and told him that God would bless him. When he got home, he was still not sure of travelling to Lagos and that day was the day he had already scheduled for the ritual. As soon as he had his bath in preparation to go meet the occult men, it started raining heavily. That rainfall scuttled the planned sacrifice that night.

That very night in his dream, the angel of our Pastor appeared to him again and said to him, “Because you are stubborn, I am going to show you something.” The angel opened his palm and as he did so, it became so large. He used his palm to touch his stomach, where for over 10 years, he had been experiencing excruciating pain. Immediately the angel touched him, till the time he was giving this testimony, he had not experienced the stomach pain again. The angel also told him, “Since you want to use my son to make money, prepare am going to use you to get souls.” After that encounter, he said his body changed. When he woke up, he started praying with his wife. Later, he told her to get prepared, that they were going to Lagos, but not to ‘The Lord’s Chosen Church.’ He wanted a place where they would pray for him, so that the angel of our Pastor would stop appearing to him to enable him finish his assignment. Immediately they got to Lagos, they lodged somewhere at Ikotun, because they got to Lagos very late that night. The next morning, they headed to a particular church at Ikotun, where deliverance was conducted and water sprinkled upon him. He said they also took some money from him. After the service that Sunday, which lasted from 9am to 9pm, they headed for their lodge.

Immediately they got outside the church gate, the angel of our Pastor appeared to him again and told him that was not the place and left immediately. Brother Stanley said he told his wife that they were going back to Ebonyi State that night, even though there was no money. He stood by the road side in a confused state of mind and immediately, a mobile police officer came to him and said, “Young man, you look worried.

What is wrong with you?” As he was trying to explain, his wife quickly interjected and told the police officer that they are looking for how to go to The Lord’s Chosen Church. Immediately, the police officer stopped a tricycle (Keke Marwa) and asked the rider to take them where they would get a bus to Ijesha. On getting to Ejigbo, he sighted Peace Park and immediately told the rider to stop them. According to him, there were a lot of buses there. But when he asked the bus going to Ebonyi State, the response was; no motor. He asked what about Abakiliki? He got the same response and he asked what about Enugu? He got the same response and he finally asked what about Onitsha? He got the same response “no motor.” His intention was just to leave Lagos that night. He was finally directed to Cele Junction, where he would get a bus to travel to the East. On getting there, he saw no bus. He started quarreling with the wife and was accusing her of taking him around Lagos.

His wife politely suggested to him that they should go to Ijesha and immediately, a bus appeared and the conductor was shouting Ijesha, Ijesha.” They boarded the bus, and as soon as they got to ljesha Bus Stop (The Lord’s Chosen Bus Stop), his wife asked the driver to stop.

When they alighted, Bro Stanley said he saw somebody wearing an apron and what came from his mouth was, ‘this is one of them.” Eventually, they arrived at the Church. That same night, while he was sleeping in the church, he dreamt where he was in that kingdom and he saw big trees, then suddenly a mighty wind began to blow and brought down the trees.

Before they made the trip to Lagos, in one of his encounters, two men in suit appeared to him and told him to get prepared, as a great man of God was coming to town. He said the place of the meeting was like the church headquarters, but hundred times bigger, and different men of God gathered, both white and black. In fact, all the races of mankind were represented. While this great servant of God was ministering, he said he went and hid himself and suddenly where he was hiding became so hot that he could not hide any more. Then he decided to sneak out. He said immediately he took three steps, the man of God shouted, “Look at him; grab him.” And immediately the two men in suit grabbed him and the man of God ordered them to tear his clothes and they tore the native attire he was putting on was removed and quickly they dressed him in an ash-coloured trousers, white long sleeve shirt, red tie and a suit. The man-God now told him that, “this is where you belong,” a gift and Bible were given to him and he started preaching the word of God. After the dream, he saw where some trees fell down in that kingdom. The Lord opened his eyes and he saw rapture. The two brothers around him were taken up. He asked them where they were going, and they said they were going to be with the Lord. He quickly beckoned to them to take him along, and the two them held him by his arm and he joined them.

He is full of appreciation to this very God, Who did not allow him to die in his foolishness, Who delivered him and his son, Who has brought him into His marvelous light. He said may His name be exalted in Jesus name. Brother Stanley Ogbonna.