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Jesus is Lord – Part 1

By Pastor W. F. Kumuyi
19 December 2021   |   4:03 am
As the year draws to an end, and the whole world observes a day it believes is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the main point must not be lost on all: that the basic reason for Christianity is to crown Jesus as Lord.

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As the year draws to an end, and the whole world observes a day it believes is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the main point must not be lost on all: that the basic reason for Christianity is to crown Jesus as Lord. Genuine Christianity, whether in an individual, a local church, a denomination or in the world, is one wholly built on, and entirely devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church is built on Christ the chief Cornerstone. The message of the true Christian faith centres on Him, His eternality, virgin birth, spotless life, death, burial and resurrection, ascension to heaven, intercession for the saints, second coming, millennial reign, eternal kingdom and dominion. A message and a life centred on Christ reflects true Christianity.

The Lordship of Christ is very central to the Christian life. When we are born again, our sins are forgiven, we surrender our lives to Him as Saviour and Controller of our lives. He assumes the position of Lord, Ruler, Master, Teacher, Guide and Leader. Every time, we confess and proclaim Him as Lord. When we submit to the Lordship of Christ and accept Him as the One that has dominion over our lives, decisions and ambitions, we know we are practising true Christianity. We must give and surrender everything into His hand.

By virtue of Christ’s death on the cross for the whole world, God made Him the Prince, Lord and Ruler over everyone. Christ did not snatch or attribute this sovereignty to Himself; God crowned Him both Lord and Christ. If we are going to honour Christ, He must reign over everything in us. He will not accept partial Lordship. We must not keep back any area of our lives; rather, we must yield all to Him. We must surrender everything to Him, so that He can reign over us.

New converts to Christ must realise that their lives no longer belong to them. The simple act of repentance, confession and surrender to Christ, turns over our lives to Him. We cannot control our lives anymore. Christ now has the right to exercise dominion and authority over us. He is King over all. He has need of our lives.

Before we knew the Lord, we were roaming about, tied and bound to some habits. We were limited and constrained by sin. We were also tied to some sicknesses and infirmities. But when the Word of God came, we were loosened from our chains that we might be given wholly to Christ. Those who come to Christian meetings and are loosened from their sins and infirmities should understand why the Lord did it: that He might reign over them. Everything within, without and around us belongs to Christ. We must realise that we do not belong to ourselves anymore. Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. Death opens the curtain for our transfer into the presence of God.

We are also the possession of the Lord because He purchased and redeemed us. Whatever situation we find ourselves, we must remember that we are not to live for ourselves. We cannot receive Him as Saviour without making Him the Lord of our lives. No area of our lives should be shielded from Him. Our actions, mind, thoughts, dispositions, desires, manners and tastes should be given to Him. Self must not have dominion over us but must be crucified. Jesus must control our lives, marriage, business, etc.

As servants of Christ, we should not seek to exalt and project ourselves. We must have the mind of Christ and seek to please the Father in all things. If Christ, the King of glory, the Master of angels humbled Himself, what are we doing with pride? There should not be any area of our lives that we have not surrendered to Christ. Our lives will be beautiful, as we yield totally to the Lord.

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