Friday, 27th January 2023
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Life is journey – Part II

By Rector, Venerable Stephen Wolemonwu
22 January 2023   |   4:04 am
Biblically, for any foundation to stand the test of time, two major principles must be laid down.

Biblically, for any foundation to stand the test of time, two major principles must be laid down.

Principle One: The foundation must be laid on sincerity, purity and truth (Psalm 87:1)
Principle Two: The foundation must be tested, trusted and sure.

These are the reasons we need to ask ourselves the following questions when laying the foundation of the journey in life:
1. Am I ready to embark on this journey?
2. Do I go on a slow speed, fly-dive, or drive?
3. What route should I ply?
4. Who should I join or who should join me? How established, principled and controlled are my co-farers? Can they be those that can better my journey or are they the kind of people that just want to follow and embitter my life? In life some persons make your life better while others make it bitter.
5. What should be my carriage in this journey?
6. What savings have I made for this journey?
7. When do we begin this journey?
8. What vessel should I take for this journey?
9. What should be my dressing code?
10. Who should I inform of my journey? Sometimes the people you inform of your journey may end up deforming you for eternity.
11. Where is my destination?
Your ability to answer to these questions will prove the sureness of the foundation for the journey.

I. A Go-slow Point
This is less than a hold-up, as the journey here is very slow. The pace of things here, control your speed. One must be very careful when making this journey because anxiety will set in, while curiosity will take over and any carelessness or distraction could result to accident.

That the speed is slow does not mean the journey has ended; it is a phase, therefore take each step at a time. Be patient and hope for the best, while accepting whatever you cannot change in life.
At every go-slow in life, connect to things that will ease stress not heighten it. Sing songs, turn the battle ground to a praise ground; for what you cannot win by force, you can win by faith.

II. A Hold-up Point
There is never a journey without a hold-up at a particular point. This hold-up may be short or lengthy, but it helps for articulation, reflection and concentration in life. Mot times, these obstacles give life a creative tension. There are times you may not be sure of the next step to take, never give up, hold on till there is a hold-up. The situation might be temporal, but never slip away your journey when you get to a hold-up.

As you progress in your journey don’t forget that some journeys have several hold-ups;
Some of these hold-ups are man-made, society made or environmentally made. Others may also be spiritually made or even self-made. But ‘never sleep at your hold-up,’ so that when it clears, you will continue your journey.